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This is my first instructable making the electronics project. The speaker i have made here is of 40W which i have used from the old car.You can take it anywhere or fix to any location due to its portability.The speaker is controlled via Bluetooth and remote control.The speaker has the power bank built inside so you can charge your phone.The battery runs approx 4-5 hours on single charge.

Step 1: Required Things

1. 2x40W speaker (here i used the old car speakers lying around)

2. TPA3116 2X50W Amplifier Board

3. BMS Protection Board

4. 5V 2A USB USB Charge Voltage Controller Regulator Module

5. 6x Laptop cells(Li-ion 18650) for 12V output.

6. Switch

7. Charging Port

8. MDF board.

Step 2: Cutting the MDF

I have used mdf board due to the good bass available for the overall speaker.

Dimensions are as follows:

Top and Bottom:- 52cmx16cm


Front and Back:- 52cmx24cm

Speaker Holes:- 15.5cm Diameter

Step 3: Sticking the Board

Glue the board with fevicol and let it dry for 1 day.

Step 4: Attaching the Speakers to the Board

Make sure that the speaker fits completely inside the circle.

Step 5: Joining the Battery

The battery provides the 12V output to the amplifier. As this amplifier is of 2x50w minimum voltage to start this would be 12v-24v.

The laptop cells are connected in 3S2P configuration across the BMS.

The BMS +ve and -ve wires goes to the amplifier's VCC and GND respecively.

Step 6: Charging Circuit

Now add the 5V 2A USB USB Charge Voltage Controller Regulator Module(charging circuit) across the BMS with switch and charging port.

This will works as a power-bank for charging the mobile phone and the amplifier board will power up by this.

As the battery provides 12v 2A output and the charging circuit 5V there will be slight blue sparks due to 2Amps.

Don't worry just solder the wires carefully and the spark would not happen.

Step 7: Making Ports

First make 2 holes. 1 for the switch and another for the charging port.

The switch will control the hole speaker circuit's power.

The charging port is added for the battery so that they can be charged via 12V 2A A.C adapter.

Step 8: USB Slots

Make 2 USB slots on the top of the speaker with some distance.

We will use this slots for extending the USB port for pen-drive which is given in the amplifier board and other for extending the charging circuit port so that we can use both.

Step 9: Now Attach the Amplifier.

Before attaching all the wires to amplifier make sure that battery circuit is properly connected and the output voltage from the battery should be12V and check VCC and GND so that the board may not get damaged.

Now attach the amplifier to the base of the board and connect it with the battery's +ve and -ve with its VCC and GND respectively. Than connect the wires of the both speaker to the left and right of the amplifier.

The amplifier has built-in Bluetooth+USB For pen-drive+micro-sd slot.

It can be controlled via the remote provided.

Next, extend the USB slots from amplifier and charging circuit to the top hole we made earlier.

The USB has 4 wires connecting to it which are extended from the boards.

I have only connected one of the charging circuit by soldering and for the pen drive i used a ready made USB extender.

You can use ready-made extender for both extensions.

Step 10: Finished

Now the amplifier is connected close the back by the MDF board.

The speaker is now ready to be used.

Do let me know if you find any trouble regarding the steps or circuit.

Hope you like it.

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