Introduction: POT LIGHT

First we have to take a pot then west 4inch cutted pipe and colour it with black colour and live to dry after that take a EL wire tie around to pipe and take a cardboard and cut like a rock after that colour with black colour .Then take a paper cut like a man and dog after cutting you have to stick up of rock and Gandhiji is made with 3D print that also stick up of rock. And take a EL wire connect with adaptor after that connect to 9volt battery and see. Then we to take one bulb and remove the cap take circuit and light will be white colour but we can stick blue colour piastic cover or blue colour paper it will look like blue colour light after that fix down side of a pipe and take a holder and connect to 220watt current. After taking a pot do invert and put in side the pipe after that we have to take rock shape cutted cardboard put inside the pot and take in a dark room after that on the light.


  • Glass Pot
  • 4inch Pipe
  • EL Wire
  • Adaptor
  • 9volt Battery
  • 3D Print Gandhiji statue
  • Cardboard
  • Wire
  • Holder
  • Black paint
  • Insulation tape

Step 1: Bulb and EL Wire

Bulb we can use every like house and all. It is important to dialy life were we can see dark there we can put the light. EL Wire take and we have to connect adaptor after that connect to 9volt battery then we can take to decorate our house,car,cycle and etc.

Step 2: Battery, Wire and Cardboard

The 9volt battery,wire and cardboard we can use for science project and all for small children like lighting house and we can make light our cycle for this we have to use wire and battery so it is important.

Step 3:

Glass Pot we can to make fish aquarium from pipe we have make up like top lighting and all it will look like awesome and it will attractive to see and we have to use insulation tape to connect wire.

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