Introduction: PP2000

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Cool! A PP2000!!!
Well, there are a number of cool things in this gun. For the biggest thing, I think it is the first sidearm to have a mag in the handle and a trigger that blocks behind the handle. If it isn't the first, it certainly is one of the best.
Two more things: the really awesome sight, and the looks. This thing looks like the real thing!!!
Well, I bet you are dying to hear the pros and cons!!! Let's see em'!!

Awesome looks
10 round mag
powerful (50-60 feet)
mag in the handle
trigger that blocks behind the handle

Kinda bulky
mag isn't removable
Modified pieces

That's it! Let's get building!

Step 1: The Sight (optional)

This is the really cool sight I made! Build it if you want! (this step is optional)

1: what you will make.
2: get all the parts you need for it.
3: attach the two panels with that thing.
4: Put the bendy rod on.
5: put the ball joint on the blue rod there.
6: put the tan clip on the blue rod and slide it in there.
7: add the rest!

Next step!

Step 2: Handle/Magazine

This is the mag/handle. It holds the bullets, and provides comfort!

1: What you will make
2: get the parts. (((note the broken blue rod, it optional)in case you didn't know, it holds only five connectors)It's for comfort)
3: make this. and put another plate on the side that doesn't have one.
4: add those things on each side.

Onto the next step!

Step 3: Back Section

This is the back part of the gun. The firing pin block is here. (This kinda looks like a stock, eh?)
This is probably the hardest step.

1: What you will make
2: make this stuff.
3: get/make this stuff.
4: get this plate first. (make the other thing in the picture too.)
5: put 8 blue rods on it where shown.
6: put the stuff on the plate with the blue rods.
7: put the other handle on!!!
8: attach the other plate.
9: Attach that thing you made before. (yes, the carpet magically changed!)
10: put it up, so it clicks into that white rod.
11: put those on each side too. (they click into the white rod too)

Step 4: BREAK!

You were almost done! But too bad, it's time for a break! Listen to some tunes and keep going!

Step 5: Front Section

This is the front part... The last big thing you have to make for the gun!

1: What you will make.
2: Get this stuff!
3: Put them together like this.
4: Make all this stuff!
5: put those two things together. (notice the added blue rod.)
6: make both sides of the trigger.
7: Put that one side on, also, get those things in the picture.
8: put them on
9: put those on...
10: put the last layer on!
11: attach that thing.


Step 6: Building! (YAY!)

Let's build it!!! (this step requires a bit of taking apart)

1: Get all of the stuff you made!
2: Put the sight on, take that white rod off while you are at it.
3: Take those off those things.
4: put them on like that, with the white rod in between the parts.
5: take those two green rods off
6: attach to the hinges
7: attach there. (add green rods)
8: build those
9: attach those floppy things there, do the same to both sides.
10: Put those things on each side. (sorry it's blurry.)

Step 7: Extras

These are the extras... You are almost done!

1: make/get this stuff. (read image note)
2: put trigger band on.
3: Insert mag push and put on the elastic like that.
4: pull trigger and put the pin in.
5: Put pin bands on.
6: get ammo (up to 10)
7: put them in that way.
8: pull pin back until trigger clicks.
9: pull trigger.