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In this post I would like to share what is predicting with numbers . It is a fun game using math technique. I grew up as 90's kids . So it was in my 5th grade , I invented this game in my class which will help you practice to add numbers faster and as well as increases your memory power . So I thought , I could teach this game to my 4th grade boy helping him to learn math in fun way . Below are the things needed.

Note : Writing & coloring is done by my son .


Scissor 1
Ruler 1
Pencil 1
Black pen 1
Black marker 1
White A4 sheet papers 3 count
Craft knife or cutting blade small
Crayola crayons or Any crayons of your choice - 10 colors

Step 1: Cutting & Writing

Firstly take 3 A4 sheet papers .
Fold them into two .
Take a scissor and cut the folding mark as shown in the picture.
Now staple the papers like a booklet as shown in the picture .
Now leave the front 2 pages for adding the title.
In the 3rd page write down 10 colors of your choice. As shown in the picture.

Step 2: Making the Note by Pages

Write the colors in the same page orders as shown in the pictures above .
Marking the PAGE NUMBERS are important.

Step 3: Hidden Numbers

After the 5th page leave one page and make 10 blank markings as shown in the picture.
Now use the craft knife or a small cutting blade slit the marks for only one page as shown in the image .
Now under the cuttings of the paper where it as been marked write down the numbers from 10 - 1 in descending order as shown in the picture .
Now above the cut paper write the numbers from 1- 10 in ascending order .

Note: when you open the paper which is number as 1 , you will find number 10 below it . Please refer to the picture. Like wise for all other numbers

Step 4: The GAME

Ask your friend to choose one color from the list . He/she can keep them in the mind and need not say it out loud.

Eg: I choose RED color .

Now Ask the person if he/she could find the color in the following pages one by one . Just YES OR NO .
You should keep in mind the PAGE number for which they say YES .

Eg: I find RED color in PAGE 1 , 2 , 4 .

Now ADD the PAGE NUMBERS for which he/she have told YES .

Eg : 1+2+4 = 7

The ANSWER which you get after adding keep that in the mind .
Now turn the page where you have written the hidden numbers .
Now look below the number which you got it has the answer. You will find a HIDDEN NUMBER .
Now refer to the color page in the front to find out what was the color which will tell you , which your friend chose in his/her mind . ( Refer the picture with the example) .

Eg: I have got 7 as the Answer.
Now when you turn to the hidden numbers page & open the number 7 , you will find number 4 hidden behind it .
4 is the number given to the color RED in the colors page .
So the color which I had in my mind is RED

Note : This Game can be played with naming with colors , fruits, vegetables, chocolate names , etc ... of your choice .
It can also be played from number 1 - 10 or 1 - 20 . It helps you in remembering the numbers & add them faster .

Teachers can also use this technique to teach math in a fun way

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