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Maglev (derived from magnetic levitation) is a transport method that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without making contact with the ground. With maglev, a vehicle travels along a guideway using magnets to create both lift and propulsion, thereby reducing friction by a great extent and allowing very high speeds. In itself, maglev technology includes no moving parts.

Maglev is short for Magnetic Levitation in which trains float on a guideway using the principle of magnetic repulsion. Each magnet has two poles. Now if you play with two magnets, you'll realize that opposite poles attract, whereas similar poles repel. This repulsive property of magnets is used in Maglev trains. However,instead of using permanent magnets, the principle of electromagnetism is used to create strong and large temporary magnets. When an electric current is passed through a coil of wire, magnetic field is generated around the coil according to Faraday's laws.

Step 1: How to Use..

Now as you can see there is zero friction involved in this project and thus it is easy to to propel it forward and make it attain high speed.As illustrated in the image you can use a tube full of magnets in order to propel the train forward.Shanghai uses the same technology to crate high velocity trains..

Step 2: Adding the Magnet to the Pencil..

1.Insert a rubber ring followed by first ring magnet.

2.Slide it almost 3/4th length of the pencil 3.Slide another rubber ring.Place it close to the magnet. 4.Insert one more set of rubber ring and magnets.

Step 3: Materials Required

1.A pencil

2.A soft board

3.six ring magnets

4.a plastic piece with dots

5.a fan

Step 4: THE FOAM..

1.Make three slits on the foam as illustrated in the image.

2.One slit on one side of the foam is smaller.Insert plastic strip vertically in this slit deep and form.

3.Make sure that the dots made on this strip and from foam side.

Step 5: The Two Magnets..

1.Insert the magnets in the foam in such a way that the front two magnets attract the front pencil magnet.

2.Insert the rear magnets in such a way that the rear magnets repel the rear pencil magnets as illustrated in the image. In short,front magnets attract the front 2 magnets of foam and backside magnet of pencil repels backside magnets of the foam.

Step 6: Now Add the Slit and Pencil..

1.Now adjust positions of magnets in pencil.When pencil tip rests on acrylic strip,front magnet should be alighned little behind front magnets of the foam and back magnet must come exactly on top of the back side magnets on the foam.

2.Once done properly,pencil will levitate.Finally ,sharpen the pencil from backsede and spin it will spin almost forever.

Step 7: Final

Now this will educe the friction by utilizing the magnetic repulsion and zero friction policy.

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