Introduction: PRINTTABLE the Affordable, Attractive IKEA Lack Table Hack to Create a 3D Printer

This Project is now being Updated to Include the S Series Model

The S Series Includes easy assembly of the frame and wiring with addition of a heat bed, BL Touch Probe for auto bed levelling/tramming and an updated ui for the mks touchscreen

The Beginning

Being interested in 3D printers since 2011 after purchasing a
BFB 3D Touch (Now 3D Systems with the latest model being the Cube Pro costing over £2000) I wanted to build a stable Large build platform 3D Printer for a fraction of the price.

Many Enthusiast's entries into the 3D printer market comes from the purchase of the Prusa i3 kit and in keeping with the good work of the Joseph Prusa design I felt it would be great if the design could be simple.

One of the many drawbacks I noticed was the overall finished look of the DIY kits; i set upon the task of creating a product that not only was affordable and easy to build but one which had style and form a look in keeping with the futuristic possibilities 3D printing brings.

Step 1: About the Printtable

Inspiration to create a 3D printer from an Ikea Lack table simply came from the fact that my BFB 3D touch printer had been placed on top of a lack table for the last 5 years. Whilst the lack table absorbed the vibration and forces applied from 5 years of printing the table showed no obvious signs of wear or distortion. Further investigation of the Lack range fuelled my ambition by the world having easy access to IKEA furniture chain, resulting in a worldwide common platform in which to build the range of large format printers.

It’s this Format which will bring the greatest benefits to Hackers, Builders and 3D printing enthusiasts all around the world encouraging people to build, share and adapt the design creating an entire collaboration of adaptions, improvement's and opportunities. This project was published on and as gained such amazing feedback and support with the community requesting a instructable, so here it is for all to use and hopefully you will find it easy to follow with help and support available at the newly created site especially for this project

The Printtable project could not of been possible without the amazing help of my family, Louise (my daughter) for burning the candles at both ends creating fantastic renders, schematics for the build instructions and endless contributions to the design, Louise's husband Steve (Son-in Law) who spent hours on social media and websites promoting the Printtable project. My son James who spent most of his spare time just after finishing exams at university to create the website and endless hours (many through the night)piecing together 100s Gb of video footage to create the You Tube follow and build videos (if I had presented before I am sure without all the mistakes we could of done them quicker, Sorry my bad) and finally my wife who had the misfortune of listening to all the debates a family would naturally have when a project means so much to them and the missed nights of snuggling up before we sleep.

For them I want to give special thanks and this personal thank you, your help and support is appreciated and with an amazing family we can create amazing things. Thanks and love you all.

Thanks for reading and have fun creating your own Printtable.

Step 2: How to Access Information? / Creating a Community

At the time of writing this instructable we are still putting the finishing touches to the website

With-in the site will be links to the you tube channel as well as additional information about the build, we will be giving away some of the build parts such as acrylic panel sets, rods, wiring and starter kits to builders in competitions and will also provide a one stop shop for all the printable components and upgrades.

A forum for all to assist each other in all thing Printtable and 3d printing.

News articles, tips and tricks and expanding on the printtable plans with help of the community for the future.

Step 3: Parts Required

This video is the first step (same as above) in a easy to follow step by step guide on preparing the Ikea Lack table ready for its amazing transformation into an attractive large platform 3D printer.

2 x IKEA LACK TABLES (in your choice of colour and finish) select country and search for LACK Table size 55x55 cm

The Printed parts (also available at PRINTTABLE.COM) or find a local 3D Hubber to print them for you at 3D Hubs

Please see attached spreadsheet for parts required.

Step 4: STL Files for Download

Download the STL files.

Some parts are printed in two halves and require placing together and a hot solder gun run along the joint to weld them together.

Please refer to schematic drawings and pre thread/drill holes which require fixing with M3/M4/M5 bolts or Grub Screws.

8mm and 10mm rod holes may want drilling out and it is recommended to use a masonry drill bit fro this purpose.

Note X Axis Puller wheel Holder as a smaller centre than Y Axis Pulley Holders.

Supports have been marked with position to be placed ensure the wider lip is positioned against the table legs and the thinner lip against the table top.

Step 5: Templates

Templates for Acrylic/Polycarbonate parts Including cutting template to be printed and used to cut holes in the print bed.

These parts will also be available at for sale at

Step 6: Assembly Drawings and Video Animations

These drawings are to help you get familiar with the assembly of the printtable and assist in the naming conventions of the parts.

Also included above are short videos showing animations on how the some of the components come together.

Step 7: Preparing the IKEA LACK Table

Okay So lets get to work, Remember take your time and enjoy learning the build, 3D printing is nothing more than a learning process and with my help you will soon have a good understanding of how a 3d printer works and a fully functional printer to empower your creativity.

This video is the (same as above) in a easy to follow step by step guide on preparing the Ikea Lack table ready for its amazing transformation into an attractive large platform 3D printer.

All the instructions are included in the video the photos above are a quick reference to remind you of the steps

Step 8: Z Motor Mounting

This video is (same as above) where we cut out and mount the z motor housing.

Step 9: Printtable Support Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we assemble the 4 corner supports.

Step 10: Table Top Cutting and Creating the a Sturdy Frame

This video is (same as above) where we cut out the table top and fasten to create a sturdy frame ready to accept the Printtable components.

Step 11: Y Axis Rods and X Carriage Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we insert the y rods and X carriage. Don't forget to check out the X Assembly Animation in the previous steps as a reminder on how to assemble the X carriage.

Step 12: Printtable Y Axis Drive Rod and Bracket Mount

This video is (same as above) where we assemble the Y Axis drive rods.

Step 13: Y Axis Pulley Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we attach the Y Axis pulley brackets.

Step 14: Printtable Y Axis GT2 Belt Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we attach the Y Axis GT2 Belts.

Step 15: Printtable Z Axis Rod Mount Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we attach the Z Rod Mounts

Step 16: Printtable Bed and Lead Screw Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we understand and assemble part of the print bed

Step 17: Printtable Bed Frame Mount to Printtable

This video is (same as above) where we Attach the print bed to the Printtable

Step 18: Printtable Print Head Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we attach the print head mount for the E3D Titan along with The X Axis GT2 Belts

Step 19: Printtable Y Axis Motor Assembly

This video is (same as above) where we Attach the Y Axis Drive motor

Step 20: Printtable E3D Titan and Hot End

This video is (same as above) where we have already assembled the E3D Titan Extruder instructions can be found at this link.

For more information on E3D please visit

Step 21: Printtable Endstop and Z Motor Housing Fix Down

This video is (same as above) where we Attach the End Stops and fasten down the z motor housing.

Step 22: 17. Printtable Ikea Hack Conduit Build

This video is (same as above) where we Attach Conduit for wiring and print head.

Step 23: Printtable Build Platform

Using the template provided in the template step cut the print bed from a piece of 12mm plywood.

Step 24: Controller Board Wiring

This video show the wiring complete and is a guide to assist in wiring up the Printtable

MKS Sbase Controller board

link takes you to MKS S Base wiki for more information.

Step 25: Printtable Finishing

Install the acrylic support for the display and attach the screen using a hot glue gun.

Stand back and enjoy your creation.

We will provide another instructable shortly to show the setup and calibration of your Printtable and in the mean time additional information and support will be available at

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