Introduction: PROJECT : Bearing Less Spiner

hi everyone !

i see a lot of things on the internet about these famous "spiners" but did you know you can make them without real bearings ? :)

Step 1: How Does It Works ?

it's pretty simple somwhere, i used the " print in place " technic they are from 3D printing world

Step 2: Okay, But How ?

unless tell you how to do, i will show you.

Step 3: Desing Same in Your Favorite CAD Software

take in consideration you 3D printer nozzle measurements where i anotated, use spline for retrace at your measurements and juste apply a revolution extrusion (360° extrusion ) you got it

if you dosent have one, or dont know how to do, try this one ;)

export stl and go cura

Step 4: Slicer Time

same as explication, here is my parameters with a 0.4 nozzle and a custom model

Step 5: Finaly !

once you printed it, just pop out the print and add wd40 / silicon or any kind of lubricant and you done .

happy spining !

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