This is a 3rd DIY project Talkbox

Step 1: Schematic,tools, Material Etc

actually an active Talkbox is a mini amplifier, on this occasion I use little Gem scheme Amplifier , taken from here , but with some additional modifications

or we can use smokey amp schematic

Step 2: Finish

ok , so after Talkbox can be played , with two knobs are volume and gain / dist , so Talkbox can be played stand alone

Step 3: Tips and Tricks

Her installation can follow the following picture

here are some tips for using Talkbox
Tip # 1 : breathe calmly , it helps you move the sound of the hose ( tube ) into your esophagus cavity to get a full sound and noise reduces future due to the breath .

Tip # 2 : Harmonics plays an important role . Distortion and fuzz has a high frequency overtones . so talkbox can reproduce high -frequency sound , and can be easily captured by the mic .

Tip # 3 : Use a cloth , or tape or velcro to fasten hoses talkbox on the mic stand . however the use of insulating glue can leave marks on the hose .

Tip # 4 : wash hose talkbox after you finish using it , cleaning DAPT done with less how to wash and dry them , or can be by way of wiping with a soft cloth that has been given alcohol , this keeps the hose talkbox remain sterile ..

Tip # 5 : talkbox store in a clean and dry , you Dapa put silica gel in the storage area talkbox , this will keep him dry .

Tip # 6 : Keep talkbox your friends and young children . They would want to try to try . Unless you really want to share saliva ( or other body fluids ) in this way ?

Tip # 7 : If you buy a used talkbox , immediately replace the hose , to maintain health

how to use talkbox :

Here are some talkbox sound produced by moving the lips as follows :

1. Wah wah - Move the lips with the phrase " wow " or " wah wah "

2. Living on a Prayer - you could get the guitar sound richi Sambora ( Bon Jovi ) by saying " wa - ooh - ooh - ooh - wa - wa " while the larynx moves as if you 're trying to talk in a deep voice .

3. Talking guitar - guitar play and move the lips anada . You will be surprised at how clearly you can generate words from your guitar .

4. Phase shifter / flanger - Slowly open and close your lips while still playing the guitar .

6. Crazy Eddie - Try tapping when using talkbox.