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This one is a really awesome sandwich that you can make at home--it is full of healthy good protein and offers a healthy lunch.

This recipe is also coming quite soon to my blog: Michael's Test Kitchen

You also have the option to make-ahead if that's how you like doing things. The protein in here is simple: Boiled eggs and meat. (In this recipe I use pastrami, but you can use whatever meat you so desire.)

This method of eating is important for those of you who, admittedly, rarely eat wholesome foods because (like me) you are picky, or are constantly on the go and simply grab whatever is within reach. A tip for those who like throwing things together quickly: Boil lots of eggs and slice them ahead of time. This way, you can simply throw everything on your sandwich when it's time to consume.

Alright, for a bit of random, I like writing poetry so I decided to include poetry in this instructable (as I also just started doing on my food blog {link above})

So since this is the first instructable of the year, I picked this poem called The Seasons, as this year is the beginning of the cycle. :)

Ok here it goes: (if you hate poetry you can skip it)

The Seasons by Michael Metzler JR

Spring grows most plants in rocky soil,

It takes new life to withered things.

Death defying through turmoil,

And to new life it spreads and clings.


Summer swathes the world in heat

It drapes the land around in glow

It bakes the clay and warms the feet

It is not spring and is not snow.


Autumn brings a yellow air,

It scatters orange like the sand.

Sprinkling leaves as though to share.

It is most glorious and grand.


Winter veers around the bow

With clutching hands and stale breath

It swarms the earth in clear-white snow

It brings no warmth and sometimes death.


Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients: (makes 1 sandwich)

3+ slices sandwich meat (I use pastrami)

4 eggs, boiled

Handful of lettuce

1 slice monterey jack cheese


2 slices whole wheat bread

Step 2: Boil and Cut

Boil the eggs. Place eggs in a saucepan with water covering them, and place over medium-high heat. Once it reaches a boil, turn heat off. Drain out the hot water, and dump eggs into a bowl of ice water. Once cooled, immediately peel the shells off, and rinse the eggs.

Transfer shelled eggs to a cutting board and slice into medium slices.

Step 3: Prep

Prep the rest of your ingredients: sandwich meat, lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise, and bread.

Step 4: Crunch

For a nice crunch, you can toast your sandwich bread. Place cheese on the top slice.

Step 5: Build It

Build your sandwich: Spread a generous dab of mayonnaise over the bottom slice. Layer with lettuce, then arrange the boiled egg slices neatly on top. Then top the eggs with the meat, then place the slice with the cheese over the top of the sandwich.

Step 6: Enjoy!


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