Introduction: PS Vita 1000-to-microUSB Adapter

This is very quick tutorial on making simple adapter for 1st gen (1000) PS Vita, so you won't have to drag around your cable to charge or sync Vita to PC.

Required tools and materials:

1) 1x Chineese cable

2) 1x microUSB receptacle connector

3) PCB (we will need about 10x16 mm piece)

4) Everything for home PCB etching method of your choice

5) Soldering iron

6) Rotary tool

7) Superglue

8) Cardboard knife

9) Two-part epoxy

10) Needle file

Step 1: Taking Apart Cable Plug

It's pretty easy - carefully stick knife between two halves from both sides of plug. Don't press too hard. As you can see connector itself have sort of breakout board, which is very convenient. In my cable wires are properly color-coded, but keep in mind that in yours they might be not - better check it with continuity tester, just in case.

Step 2: ​Preparing Plug Housing

First of all, this step is purely for aesthetics - you can skip to the next one, just check third picture to see what parts of casing you'll need to remove or keep. So, lets get rid of cable hole. Fill it with some sort of body filler (I'm using two-part epoxy) and let it bond. Then remove excessive material with rotary tool.

Step 3: PCB and Adapter Assembly

Mine cable turns out to be properly color-coded. PCB is simple breakout board for microUSB, it takes five minutes to make it in some software like Sprint-Layout. Here is layout I used

Solder wires according to pinouts (e.g. 'D-' on plug to 'D-' on microUSB receptacle etc). In case if you don't want to sync your Vita to PC via this adapter, you can just skip 'D-' and 'D+', soldering only '5V' and 'GND'. After that glue PCB with microUSB to the housing, put plug back and glue halves of housing together. Let the glue bond and you're done!

Step 4: Good Job!

Now you have small adapter for charging your old Vita with standard microUSB cables.