Introduction: PS1 Emulator for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Okay then everyone, this is how to install and get up and running with a PS1 emulator for your Mac running Snow Leopard.

Without any hesitation, let's get started!
You will need:
*Mac with Snow Leopard (Other versions are untested)
*Internet access (Already got)

Step 1: Downloads

First off, you're going to want to download these files.

Off external sites:
Playstation Bios


Off Instructables:
-Click the file links below-

Step 2: Install 'PCSX'

All files downloaded, now it's time to install them.
Double click 'PCSX-test3.dmg' to open and mount it.

When it's mounted simply drag the 'PCSX' file into your applications folder.

Read the 'ReadMe!' file for information, it's not that helpful but read it anyway.

Now un-mount the disk image. - Click the little eject button after it's name.

Step 3: Install the PS1 BIOS

Now, open up PCSX. It should open up normally but complain about a missing BIOS.
Now, close PCSX. This step creates the neccesary location for us to put the BIOS files into. (EDIT: Thanks for pointing it out uselessparadigm)

Now to install the PS1 BIOS.
Double click 'Playstation Bios' to unzip the folder.

Bring up a new finder window and navigate to:
Your user account name e.g. 'spikematthewspadley'.
Application Support

Now take all the files that were unzipped from 'Playstaion Bios' and drag them into the Bios folder.

Step 4: Open PCSX

Wait! You're not done yet, we still need to change the preferences.

So open up PCSX.
Go to the top menu bar (See picture)
And choose 'PCSX' - 'Preferences'.

Now. You want to un-tick the 'Dynarec CPU core' option.

Step 5: Almost There

Now then. This bit's simple.
Take your PS1 game.
Put it in the CD drive.

Go back into PCSX
And in the menu bar click (Photo)
Run CD

Step 6: You're Done!

Finished! You should now be emulating your PS1 games on your Mac. :)