Introduction: PS3/4 Racing Chair

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Who says your old living room entertainment devices can't live a 2nd life? Old PlayStation? 32" TV only goes up to 720p definition? No Problem! Let's build a simple race car arcade console. UPDATE 6/29/21: This version is the update to a curved enclosed screen with a PS4, 4K resolution.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Used PS3 Super Slim Console
PS3 Super Slim Wall Mount Bracket
Subsonic SA5156 - Drive Pro Sport Racing Wheel
Racing Gamer Chair
Old 32" Flatscreen TV

Step 2: First Build the Bottom Platform for the Chair to Fasten To

Remove the wheels from the gaming chair and use the wheels bracket mark holes where you would need to then fasten the chair to a wooden base instead.

I've built the chair base with 4 2x4s as a a surround.

Note: create the base to give a stable frame for the chair, but leave it about a foot and a half longer in the front of the chair to then begin to mount the steering wheel and screen.

Step 3: Build the Steering Wheel Mount

Using 3 2x4s create a basic square shape around the end of the chair platform to mount the steering wheel on.

Step 4: Build the Frame for the TV Screen

Create again a simple square shape with 2x4 boards surrounding a square piece of plywood. Notice the right and left 2x4s are left longer. This is to give some extra length to fasten the TV surround to the steering wheel mount. Make sure that everything is tall and wide enough to fix the flat panel TV inside the recesses of the 2x4 frame.

Step 5: Paint Everything Black

I used a high gloss paint to paint all the wood a solid black color.

Step 6: Prepare TV for Mount

Using the existing wall mount screw holes in the back of the TV, create a wooden bracket that will allow us to fasten the screen to the wooden screen frame.

The hardest part is: place the L shaped construction you've done so far on it's side with the TV facing downward on a table and the place where the screen is mounted to the arcade unit behind it. This will allow you to fasten the screen to the screen holder.

Step 7: Mount the PS3 on the Back

Mount the PS3 on the back of the arcade and leave a hole for Video HDMI / USB cable (for steering wheel) and 120v power to enter the unit.

Step 8: Decorate / Place Stickers and FINISH!

I've painted the TV frame surround green and added some race car stickers around the cockpit and outside frame for the final look.