Introduction: PS3 Wireless Guitar Hero Controller

Take one SIXAXIS controller and one SG guitar controller and slap them together to play Guitar Hero 1 on the PS3! *Be aware this ONLY works on Guitar hero 1... if someone knows how to use a controller with guitar hero 2 I can modify this guide but holding the left d-pad only works on 1*

Step 1: Symphony of Destruction

This is the step where you have to break stuff.
First open the guitar and cut the controller wire off the board.
Then cut the traces to all the switches. (Fret buttons, Strum Switch, Start/Select)
Next open the SIXAXIS and cut the body so that the flat part where the start and select buttons are.
Last cut the guitar body where you want to put the controller.
I positioned it so I can charge and see the controller number above the strap.

Step 2: Solder, Solder and Solder

Now comes the fun stuff. A little reverse engineering tells all but I'll save you guys the fun.
First of all the controller contacts have to stay plugged in since there are some resistors on the plastic.
Now the pinout for the connector is:
Tie 4 - 7 Which is the left d-pad to tell the game it's the guitar controller
3 - Up Strum
5 - Down Strum
7 - Gnd for Up and Down
8 - PS Button
9 - PS Button
10 - Start/Select Gnd
11 - Select (Also Star power so if you have a mercury switch or a gravity switch for the tilt sensor)
12 - Start
13 - Fret Gnd - 6
15 - Square - Orange - 5
16 - Cross - Blue - 4
17 - Circle - Red - 2
18 - Triangle - Yellow - 3
20 - R2 - Green - 1

13 to 20 are the fret buttons. 1 - 6 is from left to right on the guitar controller board looking from the back with the neck up.

Lastly the whammy bar goes to the left analog and the reset button goes to the red button.

Step 3: That's It! Get Rockin!!!

Lastly drill holes for the PS button and Reset button. Install them, glue the controller body inside the guitar. Close up the guitar body. Charge up the controller and fire up the PS3. After you start guitar hero with a normal controller and the PS2 screen pops up then you can hit the ps button on the guitar and it should assign itself to controller one. Make multiple guitars for multiplayer matches wireless!!!