Introduction: Dazzlers PS4 Console Station

Wall unit to house your PS4, TV and sound system.

Step 1: Initial Drawings.

First job - Purchase TV or decide on size as the Playstation controller is scaled to TV which would be the touch pad on a real controller.

The attached drawing was scaled for a 43 inch lcd TV.

Step 2: Step 1 - Front Sections

Purchase 18mm birch plywood sheets.
Mark out the shape of the Playstation controller to the drawing.
Left, centre and right sections cut out with a jigsaw and smoothed edges with sander.
TV enclosure section cut and assembled using screws and wood glue.
Joy stick and button discs cut out and sanded x 4.

Step 3: Step 2 - Button Panel.

Using a Router I carefully cut the PS4 button shapes into the right hand disc.

I used programable LED strips to make the shapes bonded in the disc using a glue gun.

Some simple Arduino code allowed me to create the correct colours and address the correct no. of LEDs for each shape but using one continous LED strip.

Clear frosted perspects disc fitted over the LED shapes to mimic the buttons.

Right hand button panel fitted to the controller front right panel.

Step 4: Step 3 - Left Button Panel

5mm plywood sheet used for the Arrow buttons. Pinned and glued to Left hand button disc.

Runners used to enable the panel to be slid open. (Purchased from B&Q).

Section cut out behind the disc for cupboard to keep controllers, games etc.

Step 5: Step 4 - Lower Joy Stick Speakers

10 inch speaker grilles fitted to mimic lower joy sticks.

8 inch Full range PA speakers and 2 inch horn tweaters fitted. 100W rms, but car speakers could be used as alternative. (Ebay 8 inch PA approx £8 each).