Introduction: PS4 Controller Charging Stand DIY

This is a nice idea of a convenient charging stand for your ps4 controller. It enables you to easily charge your controller without needing to find the cable. You can just sit the controller in and it begins to charge.


- A big, 0.5cm thick sheet of wood, the kind is up to you

- A long dowel to stabilize your dock

- Wood glue

- A saw to cut wood (eg. Scroll saw, jigsaw, hand saw)

- Chisel

- Drill

Step 1: Cut Out the Pieces

The first thing you need to do is to is to cut out the pieces of wood or whatever material you are using. You can do this by pasting the attached template to a large sheet of wood (e.g. Poplar, balsa, etc.) and cutting them out using a scroll saw. The image shows the lengths the pieces need to have. For the two A pieces, you also need to sand down one of the short edges so the edge has a 60° angle, round about.

Step 2: Painting/Glossing

This step is an optional step. If you want your final product to be a specific color or to generally have a specific finish like glossy, now is the time to do it. The glossing can be also done at the end, so I will explain it then, but the paint should go on right now to avoid little blank lines at the joints. I did not paint mine as I like the color of the blank wood, so there is no image included for this step.

Step 3: Gluing the Pieces

Now is the time to be gluing the pieces together. The different steps on how to glue the pieces can be found in the images, see the letters on each piece for reference. As you can see, I drilled and chisled out a rectangular hole in the C piece. This is space for the cable.. You can either glue the wire in for a more stable hold, or you can tape it in or just set them in place without any securements, it is up to you. Keep in mind that the cable can always be removed if you don't glue it in. Also, I have added a D piece. This D piece is a dowel, and it serves the purpose to make sure the dock doesn't fall over, as the PS4 controller is rather heavy.

Step 4: Final Touches/finishes

To make the wood look glossy and have a sleek finish, you will want to use epoxy. Liquid epoxy can be found in many hardware stores, or home depot. If you want this option, pour the epoxy gently onto your product. Then you can heat it using a propane torch, but a hair dryer will also work. Also you might want to sand down any overhangs that make the products shape look sort of off. The variety of customization at this step is very wide, and you can decorate your dock with anything you feel like adding. As I mentioned before, I left it blank as I prefer the white wood look. Make sure to sand off all excess glue that bothers you.

Step 5: Finished

And you are done! Now just slide your cable into the square hole and maybe glue it in, its your choice! To use it, slide your controller into the v-shape and that's it! You now have your own charging dock for your favourite ps4 controller! Happy making (and gaming) !