Introduction: PS4 HFC4 Padhack Into Mad Catz TE

A padhacked Hori Fighting Commander 4 being installed into a Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fight Stick with as little soldering as possible.

Step 1:

Remove all quick disconnects from your old terminal barrier and add them to this new one. Keep each pair of quick disconnects to it's properly assigned button.
The order is as follows:

[] X / O L1 R1 L2 R2 ST SL

Step 2:

You will now use this specified spot to mount the HFC4, using one of the screws.

Step 3:

It needs to be mounted so the HFC4 doesn't hit the Sanwa stick, nor move around once you have closed the top panel.

Step 4:

You will have to cut out your old USB cord (using wire cutters) and use the new one that I have included. Feed the new USB through the cord box and into the hole.

Step 5:

Once the USB is fed through the other side of the hole, use the prongs to loop the USB in place. This also keeps the USB firmly in place, away from the Sanwa stick, and prevents the USB from disconnects, should it ever get yanked on.

Step 6:

Unscrew the specified screws to remove the Home/Turbo panel

Step 7:

You will now unscrew the labeled screws. You should remove the red gunk to fully unscrew each screw.

Step 8:

Next, use the tabs to unhinge the Home/Turbo PCB from the panel. You only need to undo one side to remove the PCB. You will replace your old Home/Turbo panel with the new one I have included.

Step 9:

Keep the Home/Turbo face down to prevent these pieces from falling out. Remove the two pieces that are used for the LS/DP/RS and Lock/Unlock switches.

Step 10:

Place the pieces onto the previously mentioned switches on the NEW Home/Turbo PCB that is connected to the HFC4.

Step 11:

Carefully reattach the new Home/Turbo PCB to the plastic panel. Make sure the plastic pieces from the switches do not go loose and make sure the Home and Turbo buttons press properly. Screw PCB back to the panel, and the panel back in place to its original position.

Step 12:

Screw in the USB's tinned wires to the screw terminal on the Home/Turbo PCB. Please follow the order in which the colored wires are placed: (from left to right) Black, Green, White, Red

Step 13:

Attach the wire harness to the Sanwa JLF stick (as shown). The yellow labeled wire is the common ground and goes on the top.

Step 14:

Use the prongs near the Home/Turbo PCB to keep any wires away from the Sanwa JLF. Make sure all buttons are properly assigned and all directions are going the correct way before closing. Turbo button does not serve any function and the Home button can be locked using the lock switch.