Introduction: PS4 Meme Game Cover

We love memes and everything that has to do with it. We chose to make this Big Chungus PlayStation 4 game cover because of our interest in memes and games. We made our game cover in adobe illustrator and we got the memes from the internet. The characters that we put on the game cover are Ugandan knuckles, Thanos and of course Big Chungus.

Materials needed for the meme game cover:

· A laptop with ether adobe illustrator or adobe Photoshop

· Card board

· Scissors

· Glue stick

Step 1:

First, you look at memes from the internet and look for an empty PlayStation game cover online. Then, you try to combine all sorts of memes on the front of the game cover. What we did is we put Ugandan Knuckles and Big Chungus on the front standing in the field of the telletubbies. They have guns and helmets with them to protects themselves from the evil telletubbies. You can of course decide what memes you want to put on your game cover and use your imagination. You can choose either put your memes on Adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop (depends what you prefer).

Step 2:

After the making the front of the game cover, you start with the back and repeat the same process but with different memes. If you really want your game cover to be perfect, you can also make a spine for the game cover and stick memes and the disk on the inside.

Step 3:

When you have all your favourite memes on your game cover in illustrator or Photoshop, you print it out to later stick it on card board to make the physical object. You need to print the meme cover first in order to know how big you should make the cardboard so that it fits perfectly.