Introduction: PSP EXTRA GRIP AND SOUND - Joystick Bar and 2W Speaker

How to make a "grip add on" for the psp using an old joystick and 2W, amplified, stereo speaker. (sory for the bad english)

Step 1: You Need...

one psp
one joystick
one pair of mp3/mp4/ipod portable speakers

-i prefered to use mp3/mp4 speker because the ipod speakers are much more expensive. these cost 10$, ipod speakers much more.

-try to find speakers with builted in amplifier. placing a speaker directly into to the jack won't be louder than the psp speakers.

Step 2: Tools

hot glue gun or something similar
and other that are not imperative

-try to use a small drill for precition

-you will need alot of glue to keep all the parts togeter, because i didn't used screws.

Step 3: Working on the Joystick

the joystick must be cut in such a way that the psp can fit inside it. for better understanding check out the pictures

-measure everithing twice before cuting. it would be ashame to buy another joystick

-allways work on the edges. roudn everything up so that you won't damage the psp

-the joystick is also plastic, and it won't scratch the psp if there aren't sharp edges

Step 4: Working on the Speakers

disasemble the speakers, and try not to brke any wares.
place the amplifier on the back of the psp

-use a soldering wire to remove wires, or to patched them

-if the wires are to short add some more wires

-cut with the drill the speakers and the joystick so that you can find a nice place for them

-don't discard any materials.. you might use them later (pic 1)

-the amplifier can be placed paralel or perpedicular to the joystick. if it sticks out, then you will have a larger unit, but it can function as a video stand for watching movies.

Step 5: Adding the Holding Claws

there is no point in all of this if the psp is glued to the unit. i maneged to make a holding claw for the psp

-use whatever materials you have. use your imagination and figure out how to make a claw to hold the psp

-in the first pic you can see the "chair" were the mp3 would stand.

-use a car radio holder to make the lower claw(beter seen in the video) and cover it in tape.

Step 6: Finishing Touches..

try to make it as smooth as posible.
use whatever material you have to bind avery thing together
use small amounts of glue in the bigining so that you have to reajust something you won;t have trouble. use lots of glue in the end.

see video for final result