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Introduction: PSP Speaker Mod

The psp is a great console, but its speakers lack a certain bass; a certain bass that I am going to give it.

Step 1: Dissasembly

The disassembly of a psp slim goes as follows:

1. Remove the four screws on the back side of the psp, plus two on the top and one on the bottom. The first four screws are identical, but the upper ones and lower one are different. Don't mix them up.

2. Lift the front cover. Pay attention to the start button, as it tends to fall off and wander away. Then, use a small clip or screwdriver to take off the home bar. Don't pull its cable, just take it off the screen.

3. Lift the screen and pivot it until you see the cables. Gently lift the tabs that hold the cables upwards and pull them off. Pull the home screen's cable upwards, then pull the cable off.

4. Remove the screen. Then, remove the screws nearby the triggers. After this, you can take both of the triggers out.

5. Remove the metal thingy that is located at the top edge of the psp.

6. Disconnect the dpad in the same way you disconnected the screen. Take the screw out as well. Remove any memory card and leave the access to the memory card fully open. Take the Dpad off. the R trigger button is slightly glued, but you can just peel it away.

7. Disconnect everything else from the motherboard and remove it by lifting the lower side up, then pulling it away.

8. Remove the metal shield (a thim metal sheet under the motherboard)

Step 2: Prepare Speaker Location

Right below the memory card, there is a space where a small speaker (but larger than the one the psp has) can fit; but you need to remove some thin plastic walls first. You can remove it whichever way you can. I personally just used a plier and bent it off.

Step 3: Speaker Holes

This is optional, but it greatly increases the volume if you drill some holes for sound to come out from. Its basically several 1/16" holes close together.

Just glue the template to the PSP with a light glue (cheap bar glue worked for me), drill away, and peel the template off.

Step 4: Electrical Connection

Read the following very carefully before attempting to do the project

The psp built in amplifier cannot power all three speakers, so you have to ditch one of them. I decided to leave out the right one. If you want to keep all three, see the last step. Make sure the replacement speaker (the new one you have) has an impedance of 8 ohms or higher (>8) if lower, you may burn the psp's audio amp.

1. Hot glue the speaker so it doesn't move.
2. Solder a pair of THIN cables to the speakers.
3. Route the cables as shown.
      -Through the metal shield. When you place the metal shield back, make sure it does not touch the speaker's led. If you feel uncomfortable, place a small piece of electrical tape to prevent the speaker's contacts from touching the metal shield.
      -Then reinstall the motherboard and keep following
4. Solder them to the right speaker terminals.
5. Close everything

Step 5: Enjoy

... Nothing much to say.

Step 6: Bonus

But what if you want to have all three speakers?

Then you need a small amplifier. Something like an LM386 or TL072, placed besides the speaker, with no amplification (just buffering the Psp speaker's signal) . The wifi switch case is equivalent to ground, and the 5v supply can be found above the two resistors that power the wifi and sd card led. My right speaker had already died of a natural cause, thus I did not gained anything by taking this route; but thats how I would do it if it still worked.

I only recommend implementing the amplifier to someone who has soldered before and knows about electronics, because the amplifier 5v supply line is difficult to solder. (its very small) Thus, I won't post a throughout schematic; after all its just an noninverting amplifier with no gain followed by a capacitor and the speaker. If you don't know what this means, you should probably stay with the basic hack and loose one of the two default speakers.

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    6 years ago on Step 4

    If your speaker has an impedance lower than 8 Ohms, adding a little resistance can help.

    BTW does anyone know whether the PSP amp from the PSP Street can handle a second speaker (the same size as the one they put) ? I got a PSP Street, and I wanted to add a left speaker (because one-side speaker sucks, I feel like deaf from one ear !) I'd prefer to have stereo in the end, but that might not be possible regarding the connectors on the PCB, so I will probably end up with two mono speakers, but, hey, better than one.


    10 years ago on Step 6

    can you post a photo of the +5v location? I have replaced both my speakers with four laptop speakers (and added synced lights), and though they sound great I can't turn it up all the way or else anytime a bass hit happens the whole PSP shuts off. I think it's trying to pull too much current directly from the CPU (because of the big speakers), and when the big drain happens it causes glitches and shutdowns.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 6

    actually, never mind. I just realized you have a slim. I have a phat. (unless you know where to find +5v and ground on a phat...)

    Michael Chen
    Michael Chen

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 6

    The ground in here is better than the one on the other link, but use the 5V supply of the first link in the other comment.,18429.0.html

    Michael Chen
    Michael Chen

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 6

    Here ya go,28600.0.html

    This is a diagram for a different mod, but you can see the location of the 5V and the gnd line. You will need some type of amplifier, 5V amplifier, and test it first outside the PSP; if something doesnt work its easier to work it out outside.

    I dont own a PSP phat so check first if there is enough space for the chip.

    If I am not mistaken, what you are looking for is a non inverting amplifier that can drive all speakers. If you use the TL072, it wont get to its maximum potential volume (assuming 4 speakers) but it wont turn off the psp during a bass note)

    Did you connect two speakers to the left side and two to the right side, or four two one side?


    10 years ago on Step 3

    After drilling holes i heat glued a fine sheet of cloth to keep dirt and debri out.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I would imagine, for all the folks who use memory cards instead of UMDs, that the disk drive area would make for a *very* nice place to install a passive crossover, and a mini "subwoofer." In combination with this mod, it would sound even more amazing.