Introduction: PSU to Power Station Rebuild

Take a computer Power Supply Unit and turn it into a usable power station for small electronics 

Step 1: Gather Materials

First I would like to start off by saying thanks for checking out this instructable. Second, this is just a revision of my original psu repurposing. Same rules apply, don't open the unit without knowing what you are doing. The voltages are extremely high. This could potentially hurt or kill you! What you need: A dc car outlet A USB car charger Wire terminal A Power Supply Unit from an old computer Tools: Wire cutters Hot glue gun Soldering iron Solder Wire strippers

Step 2: Begin!

Make sure the unit is unplugged. Take the dc outlet and glue it to the lid of the psu. Locate a 12 volt wire(should be yellow colored) and cut it away from the plug. Solder that wire to the input wore on the dc outlet. Take a ground wire (black) and solder it to the ground wire of the outlet. Now take the USB car charger and glue it to the top of the psu. Take another yellow 12v wire out of the plug an solder it to the nub on the car charger. Solder a black wire to both fins of the USB charger for the ground.

Step 3: Keep Going!

Glue the wire terminal to the side of the psu. Put one of each color wire in each terminal. This can be used for small projects that require a multitude of voltages.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Take the top off the psu carefully. Short out the heat sinks with a screw driver to get rid of any residual power. Wind any extra wires into the empty spaces for a cleaner look. I left some wires out to power a two speed fan. You now have a functioning power station to power car electronics, charge USB devices and run small motors and such. Thanks again for sticking with me!