Introduction: Knex Battle Rifle

This is my first knex gun. It fires up to 80 feet with two strong rubber bands. Some of the credit goes to darth gecko man for tips and also killer6 for ideas from one of his guns. Please rate my gun and comment me how i could inprove on it.

Step 1: The Stock

This is how you make the stock

2-make these
3-make these
4,5-Attach them to the side piece
6-add the other side
7-another angle

Step 2: The Handle

This is how to make the handle

2-make these
5-add the other side to it
6-add these
7-another angle

Step 3: The Magazine

The magazine holds the bullets

2-make these
5-put the other side on

Step 4: The Barrel

This is how to make the barrel

1-make this 4 times
2-add these
3-add another piece
4-put 3 blue spacers on the blue pieces
5-put the rest of the sides on
6-make this
7-attach it here
8-another view
9-make these
10-join them here

Step 5:

This is the body of the gun, it is the hardest part of the gun and the longest step

2-this is the trigger, make it
3-another view
4,6,8-make these
5,7,9,10-another view
11-add pic 6 to pic 8
13-add pic 4 to 8
14-other side
15- slide a red rod through the gap but shouldn't clip in
16-completely in
17-make this
18-should clip in here
19-put these here

Step 6: Putting It Together

attach all the parts as shown

Step 7: Loading the Magazine

load it as is shown

1-all the pieces
2-attach these pieces
4-put the ammo in
7-push it in untill it clicks
8-push the ammo in
9-put some rubber bands in

Step 8: Firing Pin and Rubber Bands

pretty easy steps

1-The firing pin
2,3-put the firing pin into the gun
4-the rubber bands
5,6-rubber band goes here
7,8,9-rubber band goes here
10,11-rubber band goes here