Introduction: PULSE Tube Build

for hypnopompic team

Step 1: Tools Needed

Soldering Iron
Black Hot Glue
Strip Tester

Step 2: Materials Per Tube

(1) 8' tube
(1) female jst 4pin plug
(1) male jst 4pin plug
(1) 8' 4“ black 20g wire
(1) 8' 4” red 20g wire
(1) 8' 4“ green 24g wire
(2) black tube caps
black foam/styrofoam

Step 3: Sub-Power & Data Return

1. Solder 8' black 20g wire to GND at end of led strip (D-Out end)
2. Solder 8' red 20g wire to +5v at end of led strip (D-Out end)
3. Solder 8' green 24g wire to DOUT at end of led strip (D-Out end)

Step 4: Terminate Sub End

cut a small section of heat shrink tube and shrink around sub end of strip to protect solder points and help resist bends at solder connections.

Bend all sub wires along back side of strip and shrink a second piece of heat shrink tube to permanently hold bend in place

Step 5: Secure Sub Cables

Step 6: Solder Sub Wires to Start of Strip

The +5v and GND lines from end of strip get soldered to the +5v and GND at the start of the strip on the back side terminals.

Do not solder the green wire to the strip

Step 7: Solder JST Female Connector

(refer to photo for proper wiring diagram)
With female JST pointing away and the tab slot face up, wiring is as follows from left to right.
1. 5v
2. Din
3. And
4. DReturn

the length of the JST connector is very important. the jst wire length should be equal to the distance from the start of the strip to the second set of terminal pads.

+5v and GND get soldered to the front pads of the strips input end.

Solder wire #2 from jst connector to DIN at start of strip.

Solder wire #4 from jst connector to green 24g wire coming from DOUT at end of strip. secure this connection with a piece of heat shrink.

Step 8: Secure Strip Input Connections

Step 9: Attach Foam Ring

Step 10: Place Ring in Top Cap

Step 11: Place Strip in Tube and Cap Off Tube