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Bracelet made with small pieces 3d printed. It is not rigid, it conforms to the wrist. It can be made the size you need, add or remove links. If you add a link and it is large for you, and if you remove a link it is small, change the clasp. The clasp1.5 is one and a half times bigger than the clasp1, to better fit the bracelet.


The links are assembled as seen in the photo. In this way, when the bracelet is mounted on our wrist, it is not possible for the links to be disassembled.

Step 2: CLASP

The clasp has a recess in its lower part so that any link can enter it at 90 degrees, and when put in the normal position it remains locked. This happens with the entire bracelet, when it is placed on the wrist, the way to disassemble it is by looking for the clasp, it is distinguished because it has a point-shaped mark, and in a 90-degree position, press the ball of the link. The rest of the joints will not be disassembled because the position in which they are disassembled is not possible when the bracelet is being worn. There are two clasp. One is 1.5 longer than the other. If you mount the bracelet and it is too large, and when removing a link it is too small, then change the normal size clasp for the larger clasp.


Links can be printed in different colors, to combine them. I have also designed links with letters, to be able to put a name or whatever you want.

I have the files for download at this web address:

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