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This a custom, colourful way to cover windows or glass facades.

Step 1: Design and Print

This idea occurred from the need to to gain more privacy in my lab. The puzzle design "won" among geometric or floral shapes as it is more playful plus easy to match. So I designed and 3d printed lots of puzzles using PET filaments to prevent curving from the exposure to the sun during the day. I printed all of the puzzles in a total height of 0.4 mm in order to print them faster, to make them lighter and transparent depending on the filament. In this instructable you can find attached the stl files on the two defferent sizes I chose to print, having in mind my printers build plate.

Step 2: Stick on the Windows

As soon as I finished printing the puzzles I started to compose the pieces making sure that I didn't place puzzles of the same colour and text side by side. It was important to use a transparent adhesive tape to stick them together and on the glass faces, as it is invisible and stronger than other tapes. It was also important to use paper tape to pre stick the puzzles on the windows, in order to check the positioning.

Step 3: The Outcome

Here you can see some pictures of puzzle compositions I stuck on the lab's glazings.

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