Introduction: PVC "2 Shot" Rubber Band Pistol

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In this Instructable, we'll make a 2 shot rubber band gun from PVC pipes.

Step 1:

I put a pipe bending spring in a PVC pipe.

Then I heated the pipe with a heat-gun and bent it. When the pipe had cooled, I removed the spring.

If you don't have a spring, you can fill the PVC with sand, it will also let you bend it without folding it.

You can also use a hot sand, that way you won't need a heat-gun.

Then I cut it shorter.

Step 2:

After heating one end of the pipe, I used a grinding stone drill bit to enlarge the end.

Step 3:

I drilled a hole for the bolt and cut one for the "trigger"

Step 4:

I used a small tube to make a "trigger", After heating it up, I shaped it the way I wanted.

Step 5:

I drilled holes for the bolts and used a rotary tool to make some adjustments.

Step 6:

I covered the bolt with heat-shrink tubing to make it smoother (avoid saw effect)

I applied some grease and put on a spring.

To make sure the nut does not come loose, I glued it to the bolt.

Step 7:

With a help of a small magnet, I was able to put nuts on bolts

Step 8:

I drilled a hole for the bolt.

A cable terminal was used to make another part of the trigger. (I don't know the technical name)

And again, I used glue, so the nut does not come loose.

Step 9:

I made slots for rubber bands

Step 10:

I attached the bolt to the trigger

Step 11:

A larger PVC pipe was used to make a handle.

After heating it up, I squeezed one end of the pipe with a clamp.

After some final sanding, the handle was attached.

Step 12:

Our rubber band pistol is ready.

As said before, it can shoot 2 shots.

Press the trigger to release the first rubber it stronger to release the second.