PVC Arm Wrestler




Introduction: PVC Arm Wrestler

This was a very quick, fun, and cheap project that took me less than an hour after I had purchased everything. In total this ended up costing around $10 dollars.
For this project I used
6'10'' of 1'' PVC pipe
3' of 3/4'' PVC pipe
less than a roll of duct tape
3 stretchy exercise bands
2 four way 1'' connectors
4 1'' elbow connectors (I could only find T connectors, but they still worked)
4 3/4'' straight connectors
1 135 degree connector
1 3/4'' T connector
PVC cutters
2 clamps (or other way to secure it to the table
(I'm not sure what the official names of the connectors are, feel free to tell me)
many of the measurements I'll give you can be different depending on what kind of table you want it on

Step 1: 1'' Pipe

This is a really simple step all you have to do is cut four 18'' sections out of the 1'' pipe. Next cut two 5'' sections from the 1'' pipe. Put two of the 18'' sections on opposite sides of a four way connector do this with the other two on a different four way connector. Put the elbow connectors on the ends of the pipes. Then using the 5'' pieces connect the elbow connectors to one on another pipe. It should end up looking like a rectangle.

Step 2: 3/4'' PVC Pipe

Cut these pieces out of 3/4'' PVC pipe
Two 6'' piece
One 12'' piece
One 2'' piece
Two 5'' pieces

Put a 6'' piece and the 12'' piece on opposite sides of the T connector. Put the other end of the 12'' piece into the 135 degree connector. On the other end of the the 135 degree connector put the other 6'' piece. on the end of that 6'' piece put a straight connector then a 5'' piece. Then put that 5'' piece through the four way 1'' connector. On the other enc put a straight connector. Then put the 2'' piece in the connector then put another straight connector on the other side of the 2'' piece. Put the last 5'' connector through the other four way connector and put it in the straight connector. Lastly put a straight connector on the other end of the 5'' piece

Step 3:

put several layers of duct tape around each of the straight connectors so the don't slide through the four way connector.  Tie the elastic bands to the 3/4'' T connector and tie the other end(s) to the 1'' pipe somewhere. You can tighten it to make it harder or add more bands. If you want to make it easier you can loosen it or put on less bands. Then clamp it to the table and you are ready to go. I hope this instructable was helpful, feel free to leave comments.

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    9 years ago

    Forever alone love it


    9 years ago

    Forever alone love it