PVC Bike Rack



Introduction: PVC Bike Rack

Step 1: Intro

I needed a place to park our two road bikes. The hoists in the garage are taken already so I called upon the magic of PVC!

Step 2: Parts

It took 6 slip-T fittings and 8 90-elbows. I also grabbed two 10ft PVC pipe segments. The pipe and fittings are 1 1/4" sched 40. You'll also need some cement for the assembly. A nice rubber mallet helps to nudge things together.

Step 3: Assembly

I think the image tells more than text could. It's 48" wide, and the tire frames are 29" high, which includes the thickness of the elbows. You'll need to cut about 1.5" of pipe as a coupling to get those top elbows and lower T's which are nestled right next to each otter to hold together. The width of the tire frames depends on your bikes. I was happy with using the width that came from nudging the fittings right next to each other. I'll get my 28mm tires and even my mountain bike in that. The distance between the two floor pipes is about 13 inches. It's enough to get the tires to sit snugly in there. If you have a rack on the back of your bike, consider angling the frames back slightly to avoid hitting it.

Step 4: Finished

Pretty simple. About one hour to assemble. Hope it helps you.

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