Introduction: PVC Boot Warmer

Keep your boots dry with PVC pipe, fittings and a hair dryer

Step 1: Materials

3 -1.5 in 90 degree elbows
1 - 1.5 in cross
1 - 1.5 in cap
1 - 1.5 in to 2 in adapter
2 - 1.5 in PVC pipe 13 in long
5 - 1.5 in PVC 3 in long
1 - 2 in PVC pipe 5 in long
Hair dryer

Box saw (or other saw to cut PVC)
MIter Box

PVC Solvent
PVC Cement

Step 2: Assembly and Use

Press fit all the fittings together
If you want you can cement them
Drill holes to allow airflow to all parts of the boot
Plug it in

Make sure the boots are on a tilt to allow airflow ( as shown in end product pic)

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