PVC Dry-Erase Board Stand

Introduction: PVC Dry-Erase Board Stand

About: will update this as i will have more time ) and my first instructable coming up , so stay tuned whoever visits ;)

Another PVC Idea )) this time a board stand. Most of us have a dry-erase boards, books, standart A4 size clip bords, all fall under this category, BOARDS, well and books ;)
Again , as my previous project, simple!

Step 1: Data

I have two boards, both dry-erase, one 7x9 inch, bigger is 23x16 inch, got sick of placing it on the table and sit over the whole board, if I wanted to move back and relax in my leather chair while be able to keep my eyes on the work/project, I couldnt. So, sat there for 15 minutes designing it, counting the parts, making a list of what i needed , aaaand road trip to home depot )) ( the store is like 2 min driving from me) lol, still, sounds more nicer ;)

Step 2: Find Buy Cut

All i had to do is go to home depot and buy it, so i went when i had time, and there you go ) all cut and laid out on my table.

The cuts i made were for my specific size of boards i have, for yourself you are gonna have to measure and see what you need.
Anyways , i used half inch pvc pipe and cuted:
As can be seen on picture, i cant put decimals here when using iphone, sorry, not that advanced ;)

Step 3: Put It Togather

NO GLUE. You dont want to glue it togather, so it can be easily disussembled( if i spelled that right), taken appart, lol damn english, life live, life learn )) take it easy, lay it out on the floor/table so you can see what goes where, and have fun ))

TRICK: as you can see on the first pic i only inserted everything in its place without applying to much preasure tu join them completely, that way it is more manuvrable, movable, controlable )) when i had everything in place , i finished it up ))

Step 4: Last Word

Made and functioning )) enjoy, some pics of what it can be used for are posted ;)

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