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Introduction: PVC Elevated Dog Bed

Our dog (Buddy) loved lounging on our mesh fabric patio chairs. Unfortunately the chairs broke and Buddy could no longer lounge on them. For about $10 I came up with this idea for his new bed instead of paying anywhere between $40 to $100 off the internet.

Sorry for not having a lot of detailed pictures.

Step 1: Gather and Cut Pipe

Here is all the pieces you will need.

Depending on the size or your pet, you may have to modify to a larger size or add an additional brace in the middle using a "T" joint.

3/4" pvc pipe - length will vary depending on the measurement you take for your pet. I just bought two full length pipes 6' long.

Cut two pieces 26 1/2" long
Cut two pieces 19 1/2" long

1/2" pvc pipe - 24" long

Cut 4 pieces 6" each.

4 - corner joints 3/4" with 1/2" threaded female
4 - 1/2" male threaded slip caps
4 - 1/2" slip end caps

I did not use any adhesive to join the pipe together since it was a very snug fit.

Step 2: Assemble

Sorry for not having detailed pics for each step. :(

1 - I slid the 26 1/2" pipes through the sides of the mesh fabric from our broken patio chairs. You may also use fabric of your choice and sew side strips to allow pipe to slip through.
2 - Then assembled the corner pvc joints to the 19 1/2" pipes.
3 - Slid the 19 1/2" pipes with the corner pvc joints attached onto the 26 1/2" pipes.
4 - Screw male threaded caps to corner joints.
5 - Insert 6" 1/2" pipe for legs.

Step 3: Cap the Leg

Placed the 1/2" cap to the end. The caps in this picture has a flat side rather than a bubbled side. I like the flat better.

The corner joints that are threaded are a good idea to use since you can adjust legs for any uneven floors.

You can also purchase a swim noodle from the dollar store or a foam pipe insulator (from hardware store) and place over the pipes since Buddy did not like laying his chin and head on the hard pipe.

Dogs like to feel air underneath them to stay cool. Using a mesh breathable fabric is great way to accomplish this.

I'd like to hear suggestions on maybe adding a solar powered mini fan underneath the bed to aid in the cooling process to keep my Buddy cool or maybe something cool circulating through the pipes?

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I made one too... 37" x 22" x 8". I used an old king-sized pillow sham for the fabric. My dog still isn't crazy about... it bounces kind of like a trampoline :-P. I'm going to make an Instructable soon...


    12 years ago on Introduction

    IGreat job! I bought something like this for 25 bucks! D'oh! I could've made one! My dogs love them, especially outside when it's hot! (Note: My dogs are indoor dogs, and only stay outside when I'm outside).


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    It gets hot here in the valley too (Calf). This was so simple and takes less than an hour to make...that is if you have the fabric. I also learned from a coo-worker that dogs skin (around the elbows of their legs) will dry up and turn grey from laying on the cement for extended periods. After hearing that, I am going to make another one for outside.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    hehe doesn't look too happy about getting his picture taken i was going to do something similar but with copper pipe and make like a brass sleigh bed for the dogs with memory foam etc.....but i'm lazy...so i haven't yet...i might need to revisit the idea now


    12 years ago on Introduction

    He is so cute! I love that he's using the foam as a pillow. My cat Marcello does the whole pillow thing too. :D This is a really great idea - I'm sure he likes it because it keeps him so cool. I might have to try it.