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Introduction: PVC European Bike Repair Stand

I decided not to pay $200 in simple European bike repair stand, so went to designed this simple structure with a great result.

Parts can be purchased at any home supply or hardware store.

This is a European style stand consists of 2 parts that can be taken apart for storage. It can be used to do mechanical work, wash your bike, or for storage & display.

This bike repair stand suites both MTB and Road bikes.


- hack saw (or alternately a PVC tubing cutter)

- Tape measure

- Dremel tool with a carbide bit / Drill will be useful too

- Pencil & dry-erase marker

- file

- Sand paper


I chose 1 1/4 inch ENT PVC pipe (Electrical nonmetallic tubing (ENT)) for the whole structure because it was much ticker than regular water pipes.


(4) 37cm ~ 14.56" lengths of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for the base supports (section A)

(4) 35.2cm ~ 13.85" lengths of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for the base supports (section A)

(2) 22.5cm ~ 8.85" lengths of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for the base supports (section A)

(1) 57cm ~ 22.44" length of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for "arm" (Section B)

(1) 7.5cm ~ 2.95" length of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for T-fitting and 90 degree elbow (section B)

(1) 10cm ~ 3.93" length of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for vertical pole (section B)

(1) 14.5cm ~ 5.70" length of 1 1/4" diameter ENT pipe for vertical pole (section B)

(6) 1 1/4" T-fittings

(3) 1 1/2" 90 degree elbow fittings

(3) 1 1/4" PVC Sch 40 Coupling

(2) Quick release front axle set

(1) Tube epoxy glue


Section A

1) Cut all pipes making reference to drawn diagram that shows each pipe length.

2) Make sure use sand paper to remove shiny look from each pipe end and inside of each female connector (just a gentile scrub will be enough).

3) Glue the entire exterior frame with any epoxy mix you can buy in your hardware store. But DO NOT glue de inner plugs from the middle tubing of the frame. This will allow you to have mobility of your base and play with center weight of your bike (this is extremely important if you switch from MTB or Road bike)

Section B

1 - 2) same steps from section A

3) Glue and put together vertical pole as instructed in diagram, but DO NOT glue pipe end that will insert into top T of base frame. Remember, we want a two piece set for storage !!! ;)

4) Take 7.5cm ~ 2.95" length of 1 1/4" and glue to one end of T-fitting and glue same end of 1 90 degree elbow. Make sure to have perfect straight 90 degree aligned.

5) Go ahead and glue one of the sides of your completed vertical pole to lower T-fitting and leaving the "arm" section without glue. This is important as you need to drill the holes for your

6) Some dirty job to do, starts with one of your T-fittings as you will need to carve the shape of bottom bracket cage. I decided to make it with all the long structure and keep a few ends to avoid the bike to slide away.

7) depending on the size you may want to keep on this BB cage support you can cut the connector end (as I did) and glue this end with the 90 degree elbow (which I cut it as well) with a short 1 1/4 pipe of about 1" long (remember to use sand paper) and glue them together.

6) Now, take off your front wheel of your MTB or Road bike and once the epoxy glue dries the carved T-fitting of your new bb cage holder, sit the BB cage of your bike over the holder. Mark with a pencil in the 57cm ~ 22.44" length of 1 1/4" diameter (not yet glue) where the quick release front axle set will be.

7) Remove the 1 1/4" diameter pipe from the T-fitting and use your Dremel/ drill to make the holes for the axle.

You should repeat the step if you plan to fit a 2nd bike in the same repair stand (I forgot this step myself).

8) Place Quick release axle sets and finally glue the end of the 57cm ~ 22.44" length of 1 1/4" diameter pipe of the top T-fitting.

I hope you enjoy this design as I do.


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    7 years ago

    as a Dutchman, so European, I wonder what the European thing is about it.


    7 years ago

    never heard of a 'European' bike stand before.... what other kind of stand is there?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would have never thought that PVC would be strong enough for this. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!


    7 years ago

    It looks European. Assuming I didn't have tools for working with wood or metal, I would use aluminum electrical conduit which is fairly cheap, have the hardware store cut pieces and find some clamps. You could use PVC joints for convenience, but the whole thing would be much stronger.


    Reply 7 years ago

    You know. That sounds really good. I'll stick to my design and will try with the electrical conduit too. Thanks