Introduction: PVC Laptop Stand

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A laptop stand with cable routing for under $5 bucks. No gluing necessary. Save deskspace. Save your neck. Save your eyes. Etc.

Step 1: Cut PVC to Length

You will need

Six 5 1/2 " by 3/4" pieces
Two 11" by 3/4" pieces (for a powerbook, for a dell 14 inch make these two pieces 7" to 8")
Four Tee Joints
Four Elbow Joints

Step 2: Planar

Assemble two "shelves" like so.

Step 3: Route Cables

Route the cables through the bends as shown. USB connectors will fit with a little nudging. If you use those nifty CAT-5 adapters, you can snake VGA or DVI cables through this rig.

Step 4: Snap Together

No glue necessary! Friction should do you fine.

Step 5: Place Laptop

All done. No reason to be straight. Like MJ, this thing can do a supernatural lean. Sweet.