PVC Letters (Q and F)

Introduction: PVC Letters (Q and F)

This Instructable will teach you how to make letters out of PVC, specifically, F and Q. 
It is a quick and simple way to turn regular pipes into cool letters!

Step 1: Materials

To make the Letters F and Q
About 82" of 1/2" PVC 
8 45 degree 1/2" PVC connectors
2 T 1/2" PVC connectors
1 90 degree 1/2" PVC connector

Step 2: Cut Your PVC

Cut your PVC pipe to the following measurements for each letter. 

For the letter Q you will need
7  7" pipes
2  2.75" pipes
and 1  5" pipe

For the letter F you will need 
1  4.75" pipe 
1  6" pipe
1  7" pipe
1  4.5" pipe

Step 3: Laying Out PVC

Lay out your cut PVC pipes and their connectors in order to make sure that everything will fit together properly. 

Step 4: Connect Your Letters

Connect all of your PVC pipes and connectors in order to make your PVC letters.
Make sure to press them together tight to ensure they do not fall apart. 

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