PVC Light Stand




Introduction: PVC Light Stand

PVC light stand for the top of my aquaponics tank. Basic instructions, can be adjusted for any dimension. Uses two 24" fluorescent grow lights. Has a twine lattice for plant growth if required. I plan on adding foil or other reflective surface to the top to help contain the light.

Step 1: Base

Make the base using 4 tee joints and 4 3-way 90 degree elbow joints. The two sides with the tee joints will have three pvc pieces each. Two short ones between the tees and the elbow joints and the third long one between the tees. The elbow joints should fit snuggly over the tank edges.

Step 2: Uprights and Crossbeams.

Add 4 pipes to the tees. Make as tall as needed. Place additional tees at the top of each pipe. Put in two crossbeams.

Step 3: Additional Uprights

Place in additional uprights. Again as high as you need. I needed 30" total so I placed the crossbeams at 20" to help with stability and placed the remaining 10" on the tees. I then added 3-way 90 degree elbows to the top of the uprights.

Step 4: Top Framing

Make two crossbeams for the top. Each beam is made of 3 pieces with 2 tees. I placed the tees a fourth of the way from each side.

Step 5: Lighting Framing

Make two more crossbeams. The lights I used have slots for the screws to slide into. I drilled two holes for the screws and placed them in. I then attached the crossbeams to the lights.

Step 6: Lighting

Insert the crossbeams with the lights and then the outer crossbeams.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

I drilled holes and laced a lattice of twine at the end for my peas to grow up. And then placed the whole structure on top of the aquarium.

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    6 years ago

    Not exactly what I want to build but it solves another problem for me, Cheers


    6 years ago

    EricM139"I plan on adding foil or other reflective surface to the top to help contain the light."

    First I would take those covers off of the light fixtures which will give you considerably more light. If you are concerned about the tubes breaking you can get clear tube covers at most big box hardware stores.

    Instead of Al foil I would get one of those long mirrors that you mount to the back of the bedroom door. Much more reflective and they are cheap. One should give you a piece for each side of the lights and maybe the area on the fixture above the tube. You have to cut it or have someone cut it for you though.

    Of course you could go the simpler route and get fixtures that already have reflectors in them.


    6 years ago

    . . . would work great for workbenches too.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice light stand. This would work great for green houses too.