Introduction: PVC Marshmallow Gun & Rocket Launcher

The PVC marshmallow gun is an oldie but a goody.

My sons and I first played around with one after seeing a version in an early Make - Howtoons Marshmallow Gun.

Fast forward a few years and we are going to make these at an upcoming Mini Maker Faire - Frisco, Texas and wanted to share our plans, modifications, etc.

Attached is a 2-page guide for making a PVC marshmallow gun and a paper rocket as an alternative to marshmallows.

We made 50+ kits for Maker Faire participants and a marshmallow shooting gallery to try them out.  The kits included pre-cut PVC, instructions (see attached PDF) and a small baggie of marshmallows.

We made our guns out of 1/2 PVC (non-Schedule 40).  Tip: 1/2" pipe varies based on if it is pressure rated (Schedule 40, SCH40) or not.  Pipe and fittings are not interchangable.  Make sure to read the labels and printing on the pipes.

Step 1: PVC Marshmallow Gun

We played around with the design in the Howtoons explainer, but ended up with a simpler version based on Specific Love's video where he shoots empty water bottles. After trying a few configurations, we moved the blow tube to the back and put the handle in the middle.

We also added a cheap laser pointer for pin point accuracy ;) based on Cobbler Video's design.

We used 1/2" PVC and used the following parts:

  • 3" lengths x4
  • 90 degree elbow x1
  • 45 degree elbow x1
  • T joint x1
  • end cap x1

We added a piece to scotch tape over the 3" handle segment to close off stray airflow. This helped quite a bit.

The picture above is the base design with laser pointer wrapped in black duct tape.

Step 2: Paper Rocket for PVC Airguns

We wanted to try some other projectiles and a paper rocket seemed the easiest and safest.

We based this on a homemade stomp rocket design by Specific Love.

These work great on a PVC marshmallow gun too.

Step 3: Set Up a Shooting Gallery

We made some simple targets using some clipart, cardboard backing and bottle caps with a small slot cut into them as a base.

Step 4: Mini Maker Faire Setup

This could make a great project for a young Maker for a Maker Faire.  It was a great time and engaged many folks in the shooting gallery.