PVC Paintball Stand



Introduction: PVC Paintball Stand

I came up with this idea almost by accident. I checked out a lot of others stands. I wanted to make something that was simple and easy to make. Note: I made these for Tippmann rental markers. You will have to adjust the lengths depending on the marker you use.

Step 1: Cut All Pieces to Length

This is a great PVC paintball stand. It is simple and versatile. First, make sure you use a respirator, safety glasses and ear protectors. Plastic dust is harmful. You will notice that this PVC is old and colored. A friend use them for a project and he did not need them any more so I got them for free. My cost for making 6 stands was almost zero. Still, they will not cost much to make.

Step 2: Other Parts You Will Need.

You could make these from 3/4 inch pipe but the 1 inch is what I had. Also NOTE: I made these for Tippmann rental markers. You will have to play around with the lengths of each part depending on the type of marker you have .

Step 3: Fit the Tall Pieces

Fit the tall pieces into the tees and corners and tap them until they are seated. Do not over tap as this is not necessary and will make the stand harder to use.

Step 4: Add the Long and Short Pieces.

Again, this is for a Tippmann rental marker. The long pieces are joined to the tees. I connected a long and a short piece on a connector and then connected the long piece to the tee. Do this eight times.

Step 5: Connect Everything and Add the Cross Piece

Make the two complete sides. Add the cross pieces and tap with a rubber mallet to set the cross pieces.

Step 6: Tap in Every Direction

Be sure to not over tap. Tap just enough to have the pieces fit sug. Depending on how things fit and how you want them to fit you can tap some more after to test fit the markers.

Step 7: Add the Markers

I add the two outside markers first. I find it easier to put the in at a slight angle. I then add the other two markers. I strap then down with a two foot bungee cord with I transport them. If I plan to store them long term I can put them in as shown in the last photo to save space. I can strap two stands together so they do not tip over.

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