Introduction: PVC Pipe Battery Holder

Materials: PVC pipe, 2 nails, 2 alligator clips


Tools: Saw, Drill.


This pipe is sized for 4 C-Cells. These are C-Cells repurposed from a drill battery. Each cell has a strip of metal at the end which kind of acts as a spring. I'm not certain how well this would work for other cells without the strip at the end. Will there be enough consistent pressure on the ends of a regular cell? Find out. This is so easy.

Lay out the number of batteries you want in the pipe. Mark the pipe for this length. Drill 2 holes for nails, and cut the pipe an inch or 2 longer. Put the batteries in, slide the nails through the holes (snug fit is good)

Connect alligator clips to the nails.


One advantage here, is you can easily make it as big as needed for your V needs without breaking the bank. Need 50 Volts? Just use a longer piece of pipe.


An option if you don't have a piece of PVC, or don't want to spend $ on it, is to make a paper tube in the way I did in my instructable "30 rockets for $5" just put more layers of paper on. Rockets need to be light. Battery compartment, not so much.

Step 1:

Step 2:

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