Introduction: PVC Pipe Car Wash

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PVC Pipe Car Wash

In this Instructable, I am going to make a car wash for home, so you can wash your car anytime you want.

If you want to see the video version of this project, watch here:

Items Needed:

- (7) yard sprinkler screws on tops

- (7) 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch PVC adaptors

- Thread tape

- (7) 3/4 inch Tee connectors

- (3) 10 foot 3/4 PVC pipes

- 3/4 inch hose adaptor

- (3) 3/4 inch Elbows

- 3/4 inch on/off valve

- (2) 3/4 inch set of screw together connectors

- Filtered rubber gasket for hose connector


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Step 1: Preparing the Sprayers

I first started by getting 7 yard sprinkler screw-on tops.

They are sized and threaded the same as 1/2 inch PVC connecters, and each cost about $1.

I also grabbed (7) 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch adaptors.

The 1/2 inch side is threaded, but the 3/4 inch side is a slip fit.

To make each screw-together fitting a sealed fit, I used thread tape on all of the threaded connectors.

To hold the adaptors, I connected each of them to a tee connector.

This will allow for easy installation.

For the hose connector I swapped out the standard rubber gasket, for a filtered version, to help prevent trash from reaching the sprinklers.

Step 2: Finding the Correct Height and Width

To get the right height, I measured my garage door, which was 7 feet tall.

For the width I decided to use my fence post at my gate.

The width was right at 12 feet.

These fence post will provide a sturdy support for the car wash.

You can use whatever supports you prefer.

Also your sizes may vary according to your needs, so adjust as necessary.

Step 3: Making the Sides

I first started by cutting 2 of the pipes to 7 feet long.

I wanted to attach 2 sprayers on each side support, which means the 7 foot pipe would need to be trimmed at 2’4” and 4’8” to make 3 equal sections.

(At this point I decided not to add any PVC cement until after testing to prevent any major mistakes.)

I then attached 2 spray tee connections on each side support.

On the bottom of the left leg, I added a cap.

On the bottom of the right leg I needed to attach the on/off valve and hose connector.

I paired these 2 with an elbow so the hose would connect horizontally.

Now if I were to attach this setup, the lengths would not be level, so I lined both legs, measured, and trimmed where needed.

I then attached the on/off valve setup.

Step 4: Making the Top

For the top section I wanted 3 sprayers.

And to reach a 12 foot span, I would need four 3-foot sections.

On the ends of the top sections, I added elbows and then attached them to screw-together connectors.

These connectors will allow for easy assembly, disassembly, and storage.

Step 5: Connecting and Testing

With the system ready, I attached the legs to the post using some zip ties.

They attached easily and held well.

Then I placed the top section on and tapped it with a mallet.

The top section had a slight bow downward, due to the extended length.

This can be corrected by shortening the width or adding additional supports, but for this test it was not a concern.

And for the moment of truth.......... It worked great!

All 7 of the sprayers provided and even 90 degree stream to the middle of the car wash.

So I jumped in my car to test the cleaning power and with a little slow back and forth movement, the sprayer removed much of the dirt and dust off the car.

Overall, I was well pleased with this project.

Now we are on a well water so we are limited to a lower water pressure than many of you can receive on a public water system.

So if you can plan to build this project and you have public water your pressure and spray rate should be higher.

If you are interested in purchasing the sprayers, here they are on Amazon: (affiliate link)

Thank you and have fun building!

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