Introduction: PVC Pipe Desk Speakers With Bass Port

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PVC speakers very similar to these (with a different base but everything else the same) were all the rage last year after they were published in Popular Science, but i wasn't about to pay $200 for them so i scouted out the materials and made them myself! this is the only instructable on how to build the "original" PVC speakers, so enjoy. (did i mention how great they sound!)


-2 pieces of 3” diameter PVC pipe (I used a 45 degree elbow)
-Screwdriver (phillips or flathead depending on your screws
-8 screws (not included with speakers/ judge the size yourself)
-“Weldbond” super glue
-Radioshack 14-16 gauge pin connectors(pack of 4
-2 HiVi B3N 3” full range drivers
-1 spool of audio wire
-Cordless drill (with bits)
-Spray paint (optional)
-Twist on wire connectors
-Electrical tape
-Wire cutters/ strippers
-2 pieces of wood cut to approx 6"x6"
-8 1" wood screws
-A small amp (Lepai is good) if you want them to work because they are unpowered!

Step 1: PVC Prep

Time: 1 hour (depending on spray paint drying)
Materials needed
-PVC pipe
-Cordless drill
-Spray paint

first, put the speakers inside the pvc and make dots with a sharpie through the screw holes of the speaker onto the pipe so you know where to drill

next, drill holes for the pin connectors, the holes should be only big enough for the first "step" of the connectors to fit through.

last in this part, is the paint (USE PRIMER OR SAND [I didn't and it went badly])

Step 2: Wiring the Speakers

Time: 30 minutes
Materials needed
-Pin connectors
-Audio wire
-Twist-on wire connectors
-Electrical tape

Attach audio cable to speakers (red to red, other color to white)

Connect pin connectors to wire (separate wire from previous step)
-Split the wires into individual wires first
-Cut the electrical tape in half lengthwise and wrap

Use the Weldbond to fasten pin connectors in their respective holes

Put the two wires together using twist on wire connectors

Step 3: Finishing Up

Screw in the speakers, and they are done!

Cut two 6"x6" pieces of wood and drill 5 large holes in them to let out bass

Screw in the 1" wood screws until they are level and put the speakers on top

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