Introduction: PVC Pipe Lamp

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PVC Pipe Lamp.

I have a piece of 65mm PVC orange electrical piping as well as a piece of 60mm PVC clear pipe. I print out the design I want to have in this case flames and use a standard spray adhesive to stick the pattern to the pipe. Make sure the pipe is clean before you do this. I can use any colour pipe you wish and put any design on it. But don't use pressure pipe as you won't get the effect as the pipe is thicker.

Using my rotary tool I slowly cut the pattern out on the pipe. This is a slow process and took while to complete. Then you need to scrape and tidy it up as much as possible. This can also take time but the more time you take the better the result.

I then turned on the lathe an inner rod to fit the clear pipe. This is so the pipe itself can be attached to the base. I drill a 25mm hole about half way. This is so I can insert some dowel that I can wrap the LEDs which is the actual Lamp. I the drill a pilot hole all the way through so I can screw the to the base in this

I don't show this on the video but I use the band saw to cut a small trench on the inner rod and grind a couple of small notches to allow the cables enter into the pipe. Its was here that I realised that the actual cables are not as long as I had hoped or remembered from the last time I used these types of LEDs. I was hoping the module pack lead was longer so that it was not sitting on the stand at the back of the base but sitting behind it all. Oh well plan B.

I then wrap the LEDs around the dowel, and use sticky tape to hold in place. Being LEDs there is no heat to worry about.

I place the clear pipe on first then my flaming orange over the clear. I drill two small pilot holes through the both pieces of pipe and in to the turned wooden rod and use two small screws to hold it in place.

Turn out the lights turn on the lamp and "hey wow better than I thought it would be." lol