Polythene Pipe Leak Repair




Introduction: Polythene Pipe Leak Repair

About: I'm in New Zealand were no:8 wire holds everything together. I like thing that can be made and people that give it ago

Step 1: Find the Leak

Find the leak and dig a hole. Once you have successfully found the leaking pipe, turn the water off at the water-main.

Step 2: Find the Leak in the Polythene Pipe

To find the leak in the pipe, just turn the water back on just a little and you will see the leak. Make a mark, then turn the water off again.

Step 3: Cut Out the Hole

Once you have located the hole cut the pipe in half at the hole. You will need to cut out a 10-15mm section out so the fitting will fit

Step 4: Put the Fitting in Place

Put the fitting in place and make sure that you put all the bits in the right place.

Step 5: Tighten It All Up

Once you have tightened it up, you are almost done - woohoo!

Step 6: Tip of the Day

As you can see there is a pool of water at the bottom, if you empty most of this out once you have finished and cover the hole until the next day this will help you see if the leak is fixed. If the hole fills up with water again...then the hole ain't fixed lol.

"Time to get a pro in"

Step 7: Oh Yeah - the Tools You Will Need

Pipe wrench
Stanley knife
And a spade

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    5 years ago

    Be careful not to overtighten the fittings or you will have to start again. Hand tighten then use a wrench to just nip up the fittings a bit more. Thanks for a good instructable.


    8 years ago

    Hahaha yes sorry it was late when I posted this you are all right it polythene pipe not PVC


    8 years ago

    its not actually pvc its polythene pipe this web page has your fittings you used in the instructable... http://www.goodwins.ie/c-758-hydrodare-polythene-pipe-fittings.aspx


    8 years ago

    sure is PVC. hydrodare frost proof PVC pipe