Introduction: PVC Pipe Nunchucks for Under $10

Everyone wants to be a ninja, and now you can with these awesome nunchucks! Thanks to TH3 R4ND0M H3R0 who was the co-creator in this project.

Step 1: The Junk You Need

The stuff you need for these chucks are

2 - 14" pieces of 1/2" PVC Pipe
4 - 1/2" PVC end caps
2 - 1/4" x 2" Eyebolts with nuts
1 - 6"-7" piece of chain
2 - 12" pieces of foam pipe insulation (optional)

Step 2: Drilling

Drill a hole in the middle of 2 end caps that the eyebolts can fit snugly into

Step 3: Let Your Chain Hang Low

Use your manly muscles and pry the eyebolt apart so you can fit the chain on it. (do this with both)

Step 4: Stick It in the Hole

Stick the eyebolt through the two drilled end caps, and secure them tightly with the nuts.

Step 5: I <3 Rocky!

place the end caps on the PVC pipe. ( you might want to use some pvc cement for extra stability)

FISH ><)))">

Step 6: [OPTIONAL]

Cut lengths of foam tubing to fit around the nunchuck handles so they don't kill you. and your done!