Introduction: PVC Pipe RC Plane

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actually i wanted to make a rc plane as begginer i made a cardboard rc plane but it got really heavy n got failed in after that i started to find out some slow stick type of plane which is quite light but getting their parts was difficult in our city. after that i decided to make a plane with fuselage as pvc pipe instead of slow stick and it get easy to build than foam board and thermacoal planes. We had a 3d printer in our collage n old radio control n motors. this pvc pipe can be assembled n disassembled too. so begginer can also learn assembling the rc plane


1.bldc motor (1000kv)

2.propeller (10*4.5)

3.30 Amp esc

4. 3s li-po battery (2200mah)

5. radio control system

6.3d printer with PLA

7.coro sheet

8. electrical cashing capping

9.4*SG90 servo motors

10.GI wires bandable(2 feet)

11.thread wheels


Step 1: Take a Pvc Pipe of 20mm Diameter and Length of 84 Cm and Cut Out a Piece of 17 Cm From Taken Pipe.

Step 2: Now We Have Two 67cm and 17 Cm Pieces of Pipe Where 1st Will Be Used As Mounting Motor, Landing Gears, Base for Wing and 2nd One for Stablizers.

Step 3: Now We Have to Take the Coro Sheet for Wings Dimention Mentioned in Given Pictures N a Electrical Cashing Capping Stick It at 1/4th of Chord From Starting or Follow the Dimensions

Step 4: Now Covering Side Will Be Cut From Middle N Cover It Using Superglue. Have a Partner for Perfection

Step 5: Cut Out of Thin Card Bord or Coro Sheet As Given Sizes ,slighty Cut Control Surfacesn N Make It Free to Bend

Step 6: Cut the Pvc Pipe Edges and Fit the Control Surfaces in the Cuts and Stick Them Together Perpendiculer to Each N Glue It ,mount Servos on Stablizers.

Step 7: Now Lets Come on to Fusion N Start to Design the Motor Mount, Landing Gears ,base for Wings As You Can Get the Little Bit of Different Diameter of Pvc So Take These Design N Picturs As Reference for Strong N Less Weight

Step 8: Mount the Motor Mounter at the Nose of Long PVC Part N Screw It or Use GI Wire by the Side to Fix It

Step 9: Now Insert the Landing Gear Into Pvc Near the Motor Mount. Now to Fix It We Use Stright Long GI Wire in Such a Way Around the Frame of Landing Gear So It Get Fixed Using Threads With Super Glue

Step 10: Try to Get Light Wheels But I Used Normal Wheels N Used Heat Sink Tube So Wheels Dont Get Out

Step 11: For Wing Base Use the Printed Base With GI Wires in Such a Way So Wing Can Be Placed Perfectly Tighted With Rubber Bands, Use Pictures As Reference.

Step 12: Now Its Time to Join Join the 1st and 2nd Part Using Printed Joint or You Could Do Whole Pvc Having All Components in One Pvc N Scew It to Fix Use Red Line As Reference So All Componnent Can Be in a Line

Step 13: I Designed the End Joint in Such a Way So Tail Support Wheel Can Be Attached for Less Friction. and Used GI Wire to Attach Small Wooden Wheel

Step 14: Now Set the Motor ,wings Using Rubber Band and Connections With Battery and Receiver

Step 15: Make a Coro Sheet or Cardboard Small Box for Li Po Battery and Attach It at That Place So Centre of Gravity Is at 1/4th of Chord or Liitle Toward the Nose

Step 16: Now All Set to Fly in the Sky and I Made It to Fly

Step 17: Flying Video

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