PVC Pipe Stool

Introduction: PVC Pipe Stool

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PCV Pipe Stool

  • DN300 SN8 PVC Pipe - Length between 450mm - 500mm (most off cuts will be around 400-450mm)
  • Wood for actual seat top.
  • A few tex screws to secure it

You probably won't find this pipe in your plumbing section at your local hardware store. Try plumbers and or drain layers and ask if they any for off cuts they are going to throw out. I would also go see pipe fabricators (the guys that turn pipe in to junctions and make fittings from the pipe etc) and ask for off cuts. On average the stools we have made are about 420mm - 450mm. And we are just going to put them on the back deck.

Depending on your design you wish to have it depends on the layout. Because you are using a jigsaw the design can't be to elaborate.

Simply cut out your design, with jig saw. Use a grinder with sanding disc to smooth the jigsaw cut marks. You can also use a rotary tool as well.

Then simply add your seat top of choice. The video shows how this is done. You can also add tex screws through the PVC plastic into the wood holding the seat on if desired.


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks so great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!