Introduction: PVC Pipe TV Stand

This TV stand is a very simple and easy-to-build stand. It can be modified to support most any TV size or weight. For this particular project I am mounting a 32" flat screen TV high enough to be viewed over a 3-foot-tall bedpost. This one is also mostly collapsible but can be built as a permanent structure. Keep in mind that larger or heavier TV's may require larger diameter pipes or wider/ longer foot stances.

Step 1: Pipe Sizes

This particular stand is about 60 inches high and support a 32 inch flat screen TV that weighs approximately 30 lbs. The feet are about 20 inches long in total length and are spaced 32 inches apart.

The pipes are 1.5 inches in diameter and are schedule 40 (wall thickness).

Fittings: 4 T-type connectors, 2- 90 degree elbows, 4 couplings

Pipe lengths: 2- 8 inch, 2-12 inch, 2- 28 inch, 4-29 inch

All pipes were cut using a Miter saw, but if you don't have one; any hand wood saw or a simple pipe-cutter will work too. Just be careful not to crack the pipes.

Step 2: Assembly

Once all pieces are cut, assembly is pretty easy and straight forward:

Assemble the feet first: coupling, 12 inch, t-type, 8 inch, coupling

Then the lower legs: 2- 29 inch

Lower cross-member: T-coupling, 28 inch, T-coupling

Upper legs: 2- 29 inch

Upper cross-member: 90, 28 inch, 90

BE SURE to test the stand and make sure it doe not wobble excessively or it will be prone to falling. If needed file or cut the pipes to stabilize the structure.

My particular structure is held tight together with basic wood screws for ease of dis-assembly, but you can permanently glue parts/ whole structure. If you are going to use screws it is advisable to pilot-drill the holes before drilling in the screws. The pilots will keep the couplings from cracking when the screws are installed. Screw in the screws slowly as to not strip the PVC.

The Wood board in the picture will hold the TV to the stand, it is a piece of 1/2 inch plywood. If needed breather holes can be drilled for the TV to keep it cool. The board width is equal to the total assembled width of the stand and is about 18 inches in height. DON'T use a smaller height because the board will warp under the load. Also, make sure you cut out any/all areas in the board for cables and power-cords.

Before attaching the board, predrill all mounting holes for the board to the frame (1/4 inch drill bit) and all mounting holes from the board to the TV (note: add some minor tolerance to the TV mount holes for mounting the TV, basically make them slightly wider than the bolts/screws you are using to mount the TV).

After you have drilled the mounting holes into the board use the 1/4 inch mounting holes to drill the attachment holes into the PVC frame, Then mount the board to the frame with 1/4 inch bolts. BE VERY CAREFUL not to over-torque the bolts or you can crack or crush the pipes!!

Step 3: Finish HIM!!

Once the board is mounted to the frame, simply mount the TV to the board using any supplied hardware provided by the TV manufacturer, or if you don't have it,use properly sized Metric bolts to mount the TV.

Once its mounted then its a simple matter of placing the stand, and plugging in the TV and accessories.