Introduction: PVC SOCCER GOAL

My instructable is a PVC Soccer Goal which has the size that you can carry around, and take it wherever you want and play soccer. This goal is really beneficial for all soccer players because it will serve you so you can go practice or go play with friends, etc. It's easy to make so just follow my instructions....

Step 1: Tools to Make the Goal

First of all, to make the goal you have to have tubes from 7-8 ft long, then you need to have the elbows to connect the tubes like shown in the picture. We need 10 elbows so we can make the goal, after that we need an electric chainsaw so we can cut the tubes in pieces so then we can connected with the elbows. Lastly, we need 2 key important factors that is the purple primer that we apply it to the ends of the cutten tubes and then the glue that we apply it on top of the primer so we can then connect all the parts to make the goal.

Step 2: Cutting

Secondly, for this step we need to use the electric chainsaw so we can cut the tubes for the goal. For this step you can cut how much the legnth and width you would like it to be. For mine I did the tubes from the top we cut 4 ft long and the back supporting tube is the same length as top tubes. Next cut the side (posts) tubes and they have to be 2 ft long. Always protect yourself with glasses, and use gloves when your doing this step.

Step 3: Testing

On this step is when we test if the pieces fit together with the elbows. On this step we also see wich elbow goes with what. Adding more, on this step we build the goal without gluing the pieces together so we just test the outcome of this product.Test if all parts fit together without gluing it.

Step 4: Tools and Instructions

On this step it's the step that we actually stick all the parts together (the tubes, and the elbows with their corresponding side), First we add the purple primer to each end of the tube and we also add the purple primer to the indide of the elbows. Next, for step 2 we add the yellow glue in top of the purple primer, and then we connect the elbows and tubes with their corresponding sides to make the goal. Lastly, we let it stay for a while until all the glue is permanet stucked to the sides. Since the smell of the glue and primer is really strong wear a mask to cover your nose and also were gloves because you don't these 2 liquids on your skin.

Step 5: The Assembled Sides

This is the step of when after a while of letting it dry up, the outcome is this shown in the picture. All the parts are glued together and as you see the yellow in the sides is the glue and the purple under it is the primer. So this is the part were most of the assembly is done, and all the parts are permanent together and now you can use the goal to play and take anywhere you would like. :)

Step 6: Different Views

On this step the project is done and all the parts are assembled together as you can see that's how the goal looks from a side- view, front- view, and top to bottom view.

Step 7: Final Outcome

FINALLY, here is the final product and that's the PVC Soccer Goal and you can use it anywhere you would like and play in you backyard in the field, and it's easy to carry around because it's not relly heavy, and also you can just put it in your car and carry it anywhere. I'm going to use this product because I'm a soccer player and this product will be really beneficial for me because I can now practice anywhere with a goal. Also after the whole thing is done you can customize your own goal and paint it, and make it unique.

Step 8: SAFETY

Make sure when your doing this project wear a mask to protect yourself when your cutting the tubes, because when you cut the tubes it produces small dust or powder so protect yourself when your doing this. Next, also wear gloves when your cutting and when your applying the hard glue and primer because you won't want it to get on your skin because it can cause your skin to rash specially the primer because it's a chemical. Lastly, wear glasses to protect your eyes...

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