PVC Shotgun – Rubber Band Gun – Nerf Blowgun




Introduction: PVC Shotgun – Rubber Band Gun – Nerf Blowgun

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PVC Shotgun – Rubber Band Gun – Nerf Blowgun

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In this video I will show you how to make a PVC Shotgun. I call it a shotgun because of the impact power of the rubber bands. I accidentally shot myself a couple of times during development and it is painful.

The barrels also hold 2 Nerf darts, so in case you miss the target with the bands, you still have a chance with the darts.

This is an awesome toy gun and kids of all ages will love shooting it.


Here are the items needed:

1/2 inch PVC

- 2 – 30 inch

3/4 inch PVC

- 1 – 20 inch

- 1 – 12 inch

- 1 – 2 inch

- 2 – T connectors

- 1 – Elbow

- 2 small binder clips

- Zip Ties

- Small file

- Cutters

- Pliers

- File band rubber bands

- Nerf darts


First holding the 1/2 inch pipes together, place a couple zip ties near one end to keep them side by side. These are the barrels

Now we will construct the base. Connect the 20 inch piece of PVC to the side of a T-connector. Place the 2 inch piece into the bottom. Then attach the elbow and 12 inch pipe. Finally add the last T-connector.

Using zip ties, attach the barrels to the top of the base. I used several zip ties because the barrels like to move around. Also try to keep the locking tab of the zip ties facing downward or they can interfere with the rubber bands.

Next attach a binder clip to the top of each barrel using a zip tie. The zip tie must go through the inside of the binder clip or the clips will not stay in place.

Once all of the zip ties are in place, use some pliers to pull each one real tight. The tighter they are the better they will hold.

Finally use a small file to make some groves on the end of each barrel for the rubber bands to rest in when loading. They may need to be slightly offset.

Standard rubber bands will not work on this gun, so I picked up some File Bands, which are much bigger. And because of their size, their impact is much harder.

And there you have it, a very simple and yet awesome PVC shotgun.


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    5 years ago

    I hit my friend with his without trying... Thank you god for allowing us to make helmets.. (aka, I hit his helmet when he was biking while trying to shoot through his wheel) *RIP AIM*


    5 years ago

    that is an amizing pvc gun can't wait to try it out


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you and have fun


    6 years ago

    All that for shooting rubber band ?


    Reply 6 years ago

    It is more about how you shoot them that makes it cool.