PVC Soccer Goal 10' X 6' X 4.5'




Introduction: PVC Soccer Goal 10' X 6' X 4.5'

My son and I wanted to build a soccer goal big enough for us to play with. I found several plans for goals for small children.

Lowe's Project http://www.lowes.com/creative-ideas/kids-and-baby/backyard-soccer-goal/project

This old House Project http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,2...

I liked the concepts, but they were too small. This Instructuble shows how to build something large enough for kids and adults to play backyard soccer. Be careful though, this goal is a kid magnet. The weekend that we built it, the neighborhood kids had to try it out.

I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Parts Inventory

The cost turned out to be more than I originally budgeted, but it is much larger than the commercial goals that you can find at sporting goods stores.

All items can be purchased at the local hardware store. See pictures for actual item numbers and prices.

  • x7 - PVC 1 1/4 inch x 10 ft pipe
  • x4 - PVC 1 1/4 inch Tee joint
  • x6 - PVC 1 1/4 inch Elbow joint
  • x1 - Wildlife Net 7 ft x 100 ft
  • x1 - Pack 100 count 8 inch Cable Ties
  • x1 - 8 oz PVC cement
  • x2 - 50lb Playsand

Step 2: Scale Up the Design

Some of the plans were for a 4 ft tall goal. I wanted 6 ft tall, so I had to work with scaling it up. Anyone remember ratios and Pythagorean Theorem?

With a 6 ft tall goal the depth is 4.5 ft and the back braces are 7.5 ft long. The width is 10 ft.

Step 3: What Goes Where? Decide How to Cut Your Pipes.

I liked a braced design. I used the PVC 10 ft pipes. Seven of them. Then some Tee and Elbow Joints. The pictures show the part numbers and placement. For example, in a 10 ft pipe, I can get one 6' ft piece plus to (2) 2 ft pieces. There was some unused pipe, but that was the cost of doing business.

The nice guys at the hardware store saved me a bunch of time by doing the the pipe cuts for me when I bought them.

Step 4: Assemble, Cover and Glue

  1. Assemble the PVC straight parts into the Elbows and Tee joints per the diagram.
  2. Take the Wildlife netting and generously wrap it around the goal. It is hard to see on the pictures, but we did a loose sack shape on the backside to catch the ball when hit rather than a tight net. The wireties hold the net in place.
  3. Take the 50 lb playsand bags and put one each on the corners of the goal. It will move without them.
  4. Lastly, glue the PVC pipes if you want a permanent goal. We opted to not glue so we could break it down and move it.

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    5 years ago

    do you think you can email me the download to josemejiajr13mex@gmail.com


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for this idea. I had thought of it but never knew PVC T-Joints exist as well ! :-D

    Will have to search a bit, but thank you for the design ! :-)

    Warm Regards,



    7 years ago on Introduction

    This soccer goal looks great!

    I built a similar one a few years back for my kids, and attaching that darn net proved to the be the hardest part! Lots and lots of zip ties later, we got it all in place. Well worth the trouble though, as it's been loads of fun.