Introduction: PVC Speaker and Charger

When you put your phone in the tube it charges and amplifies your music.

Step 1: Supplies

To complete this you are going to need a PVC pipe ( a good size is 1" - 1/2" ), some decorative duct tape or paint. This last part is for the charger however it is optional. You will need 4 AAA batteries, AAA battery holder, some hookup wire and a charger jack that fits your phone, glue (I used hot glue), electrical tape and a piece of cardboard (or something else of your choice that is sturdy as this will be your base).

Step 2: Cutting the Pipe

The pipe will need to be 3" on each side of your phone. So if you phone is 3" wide, like mine then you will need to cut the pipe to 9".

Step 3: Cutting the Slot

Next you will need to find the exact middle of the pipe, so if the pipe is 9" and the phone is 3", then the pipe will need to be marked at the 3" and the 6" mark. The slot will need to be cut to the width and depth of your phone. For me it was 3"x1/2". Now cut out the marked area. (I just used a 1/2" drill bit and drilled it out)

Step 4: The Cardboard Base

Now cut the card board 1" longer than the pipe for the length and 2.5" wider than the pipe for the width. So for me it was 4"x10". Once you have cut the cardboard then use hot glue to glue the pipe to the center of the card board. I would recommend putting your phone in before you glue to make sure it fits and to find an angle you like your phone at.

Step 5: Charger (step One) Optional


Get the AAA battery holder and the hookup wire. Connect the wires to the battery holder. Than take your charger cord and cut the end off. Use wire strippers or scissors to take the insulation off the wires. Next connect the wires to the charger jack. Use some electrical tape to tape up just the red cord. Now tape the taped up red cord to the black cord. Make sure the wires (black and red) DO NOT touch and that they are completely covered by the tape.

Step 6: Charger (step Two) Optional

Now put the charger jack through the side of the pipe and through the slot (that you cut out) on the pipe from the inside. Insert it into your phone and make sure the charger works. Leave the charger in your phone and put some hot glue on the bottom of the charger (some chargers need to be trimmed). Put your phone through the slot and hold the phone at the angle that you want. Push down slightly to make sure that the charger jack is attached to the pipe. When the glue is dry you can pull your phone up and the charger should stay on the bottom of the pipe. Now glue down the wire and the batteries.

Step 7: Final Step

The final step is optional.

Decorate the speaker using paint, tape, markers, etc. I used gold duct tape but you can use anything you want.

Now you're ready to play music while charging your phone.