PVC Squirrel Feeder Windmill




Introduction: PVC Squirrel Feeder Windmill

Squirrels can be a real problem if you want to set out bird feeders in your backyard. They get into the feeders and chew them up to steal the seeds and also scare away the birds themselves. This instructable shows how you can solve this problem and have a fun time watching the squirrels on the rotating windmill as they try to get to the corn on the feeder.

All the materials are available at home centers or hardware stores for a total cost of about $15.00.


  • 60in. piece of 3/4in. PVC pipe cut into 4 15in. pieces
  • One 4 way PVC connector (3/4in.)
  • Four 3/4in. end caps
  • Four exterior grade wood screws at least 2in. long
  • One 1/4in. by 2in. brass nipple threaded on both ends (optional compression nuts)
  • One galvanized lag bolt (3in.) and two washers
  • A piece of Pressure Treated lumber to mount the feeder to

Step 1: Prepare the End Caps

Drill holes into the end caps and then insert the wood screws. Use screws that are threaded all the way to the head. The screws will be used to attach the feed corn to.

You can either glue the end caps to each of the four 15in. PVC pipe pieces or just push them on if they are a tight fit.

Step 2: Prepare Center Piece

Drill a hole through the 4way connector piece large enough to put the brass nipple through. The brass pipple is used because rotating on just bare plastic would soon wear out the 4 way connector.

Step 3: Assemble the Feeder

  • Take the 4 15in. pieces and glue them to the center piece with PVC cement.
  • Insert the brass niple through the center piece (if loose, you can add brass fittings on each end)
  • Mount the feeder onto a piece of Pressure Treated lumber using a lag bolt and two washers
  • Test to make sure that the feeder/windmill rotates freely
  • Mount the assembly outside near your bird feeders
  • Enjoy the fun of watching the squirrels go for the corn on the ends of the windmill

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    2 years ago on Introduction

    We epoxied screw into cap and put a homemade thumb screw to hold when adding corn cob.


    2 years ago on Step 3

    This is a neat idea!
    But could you describe how you attach the corn cobs to the feeder? It seems to me that spinning the cobs onto the screws would cause the screws to back themselves out of the pipe caps.
    Since you posted this, have you determined any alterations or improvements are in order?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I didn't have any problems screwing the corn cobs on. Just make sure that you use screws that have threads all the way to the head. You could also not pre drill holes into the end caps and just use self tapping screws.